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  • News Atlus Is Removing Code Of Princess From The 3DS eShop Next Week

    But you can still get the enhanced port on Switch

    If for some reason you've always wanted the action RPG Code of Princess on the Nintendo 3DS but still haven't got around to purchasing it after all these years, now is the time to take action. Next week, on 31st March, Atlus will be removing the game from the eShop. Here's the official tweet...

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  • News 3DS YouTube Service Ends In Japan This September

    Turning off the lights

    Nintendo's website has revealed Google's YouTube service for the 3DS will end on 3rd September in Japan. After this date, users in this region will no longer be able to download the free app from the 3DS eShop. The YouTube app for the 3DS originally went live in 2013 and followed on from the YouTube update for the Wii U...

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  • News A 3DS eShop Title Just Launched For An Eye-Watering $100

    Keep your eye(s) on this one

    Joining the ranks of games dropping on Switch and 3DS eShop this afternoon, there was one in particular that caught our eye, although not due to its snazzy aesthetic. Nope, the snappily named PDI Check for Nintendo 3DS attracted our notice thanks to its alarmingly high price tag: $99.99. Hailing from an Alaskan eye...

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  • News Pocket Card Jockey Dev Team Discuss The Chance Of A Sequel

    Good odds

    In 2016, Pokémon specialist Game Freak released Pocket Card Jockey on the 3DS. Beyond the cute graphics, the eShop title was a dangerously addictive combination of horse racing and solitaire. Here on Nintendo Life, we gave it seven out of ten stars and said it was worth a look. A series of interviews with the game's core members have now...

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