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    Wii U eShop

    Review Sky Force Anniversary

    Clear skies and minimal turbulence

    Shoot-em-ups are at the very core of what video games are all about. From Space Invaders to Galaga, Raiden and beyond, their simplistic design and addictive gameplay have an enduring appeal that keeps players coming back for more. Polish developer Infinite Dreams stepped into the fray way back in 2004 with its...

  • Nintendo Download 20th April (Europe)

    Wonder Boy! Fata Fury! Discounts! More!

    The Nintendo Download Update is now live in Europe, so we have the details of what awaits in the Switch, 3DS and Wii U eShop. There are a couple of tempting options on the Switch, in particular, while some discounts on Wii U and 3DS may prove tempting - let's get to it. Nintendo Switch eShop: Wonder Boy: The...

  • Nintendo Download 20th April (North America)

    Wonder Boy! Fatal Fury! Urban Trial Freestyle 2! More!

    It's that time again, dear readers, for the Nintendo Download Update details for North America. This week's listing includes a rather pleasing arrival in Switch, a quality sequel on 3DS and some quirky choices across various platforms. Let's get to the details, shall we? Nintendo Switch eShop:...

Wednesday19th Apr 2017

Tuesday18th Apr 2017

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Blue-Collar Astronaut

    In space, no one seems to tip

    Are you tired of dead-end, earthbound employment? Do you long to break free of the crushing gravity of workaday life? Are you finally ready to float freely in the high-salary stratosphere? Well, dear reader, if you're dead set on those lofty goals, we don't have anything to offer; but if you're after a more modest...

Thursday13th Apr 2017

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Monday3rd Apr 2017

  • News The Fall Part 2: Unbound is Confirmed for Nintendo Switch But Isn't Coming to Wii U

    A new story trailer sets the scene

    The Fall was an intriguing title on Wii U, overcoming some flaws thanks to its creativity and spin on sci-fi storytelling tropes. It was good news, then, when developer Over The Moon confirmed that the sequel - The Fall Part 2: Unbound - would still come to Wii U in 2017. Unfortunately that version is no longer on...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Vaccine

    Repetitive Evil

    The original Resident Evil was primarily responsible for creating the term "survival horror", and although for a while it seemed like Capcom had forgotten its roots there's no denying that the company created something incredible. It's no surprise, then, that other companies tried their hand at survival horror games too - Konami...

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