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  • News Radiantflux: Hyperfractal Will Be Hacking Your Wii U Later This Month

    Hack the planet

    TACS Systems has announced that its next Wii U eShop title will launch this month. Radiantflux: Hyperfractal is a unique combination of adventure, action and puzzle-solving all presented in a faux desktop computer environment. You assume the role of a "neo-hacker" who delves into "data-fractal hyper structures" after receiving a...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Exile's End

    ​Good enough to avoid being exiled

    Metroidvania fans have had some great luck over the past few years; with solid indie titles like Guacamelee! and Axiom Verge, a once-quiet genre has inched back into the spotlight. Though the game's description claims that Exile's End isn't a Metroidvania game, it should indeed be counted in that category. Let's...

  • Nintendo Download 15th December (Europe)

    Minecraft Complete Story! Pikmin 2! Teslapunk! Loads of discounts!

    The European Nintendo Download Update details arrived a little later than normal, giving us a look at what to expect this week. It's a packed line-up, with lots of Minecraft storytelling, a well-regarded Wii re-release of a GameCube sequel, a number of 'Nindie' titles, discounts...

Sunday11th Dec 2016

Thursday8th Dec 2016

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    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Excitebike 64

    Hold onto your handlebars

    Of the sports games in the N64 era, Excitebike 64 feels left out of conversation more often than siblings such as Wave Race 64 and 1080° Snowboarding. Perhaps its release later in the console's life cycle didn't give it as much time to gain traction in people's memories, or maybe it's drowned in the limelight of its...

  • Nintendo Download 8th December (North America)

    Metroid Other M! Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon! Demon's Crest! Teslapunk! More!

    It's that time again, dear readers, for the North American Nintendo Download Update. This week brings a few new download-only titles to the Wii U and New 3DS eShop platforms, along with some varied and tempting Virtual Console options. With a couple of themes and a...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Octocopter: Super Sub Squid Escape

    What has tentacles, spins and shoots missiles?

    In an unlikely but plausible(?) scenario an octopus and a submarine have lost their way and sunk to the bottom of the deep blue sea during an epic battle. With the octopus still latched onto to the spinning watercraft, the two enemies must now unite in order to escape from the deadly depths. This...

  • News F-Zero X Wii U Update Improves Controls and 'Deadzone' Issue

    About "75% better", according to our resident F-Zero veteran

    Back in early November we wrote about a problem with the Wii U Virtual Console release of F-Zero X in PAL territories. The buzz around a release of the 60Hz North American version was quickly lost when it was discovered that there was a notable 'deadzone' in the analogue controls. Our...

Thursday1st Dec 2016

Wednesday30th Nov 2016

  • News The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Won't Be Coming to Wii U

    However, the Switch is a good possibility

    For the past year or so, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth has been in something of a "will it, won't it" status on the Wii U. Though a port was initially unlikely, rumours began circulating that it would indeed be happening, and a confirmation came in April. However, this confirmation mentioned that the port...

Tuesday29th Nov 2016

Monday28th Nov 2016

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Retro Road Rumble

    Steer clear

    Retro Road Rumble is neither retro nor a rumble, but at least it takes place on roads. The concept behind it is very much like Crazy Taxi; drive from point to point in the time allotted to gain points, with some music to keep you company. The difference is that it's presented in an isometric view, with visuals far worse than the 1999...

  • News Nintendo To Hold Special eShop Sale During The Game Awards 2016

    Dazzling digital discounts?

    The Game Awards take place this week and host Geoff Keighley has revealed that Nintendo is going to hold a special eShop sale to mark the event. It's not known exactly which titles will be included in the sale but it would be fair to predict that all Nintendo-related Game Award nominees should be featured. Fire Emblem...

  • Nintendo Download 1st December (Europe)

    Super Mario Maker for 3DS! Picross 3D Round 2! Sonic discounts! More!

    Another week begins, and we have the European Nintendo Download Update details to get us ready for releases later this week. This time around there are multiple high profile 3DS retail releases, along with a mix of download-only titles across both systems. Let's get to it. Wii U...

Thursday24th Nov 2016

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Tuesday22nd Nov 2016

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Wings of Magloryx

    Not a magic dragon

    The font of this bold title would have you believe this game is about the most edgy of dragons out there; it encourages visions of a hardened, battle-weathered hero. Tales of Yore. Destruction. Wings of Magloryx has these elements, but the game's executed too poorly for it to matter. Dragons - benevolent or nasty - should be the...

Monday21st Nov 2016