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Thu 28th May 2009

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ChristeriousNinja commented on Miis Race to the Finish in Sonic Racing:

You'd think since the Xbox has BK plus avatars that we'd get something alongside the Miis, though I would prefer something different from the obvious (I mean he has his own racer). Captain Falcon would be a great choice, though there could be other possibilities like, say, Fox? Could ensure more buyers.



ChristeriousNinja commented on Gaijin Games Releases Teaser for New Game:

Hrm... I don't think anyone guessed the previous one, but if it hints at exploring, you'd think it'd be something more open ended. The fact that it's a void and a picture of a large area of space hints at something to do with flying, so why not a shmup, I mean you'd still be on a rail practically so it's still easy to set a rhythm to it, it'd be like a perfect mix of core and beat with a bit more freedom.