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  • Video New Nintendo Switch Advert Shows Off Its Number Two Feature

    Don't use this guy's Joy-Cons

    When the Wii U GamePad was revealed way back in 2011, plenty joked about testing the range from the system to their bathroom. With the Nintendo Switch that's a thing of the past, with the portable aspect of the system ensuring that it can be played anytime and anywhere. Nintendo's decided that's a selling point it can't...





  • News Nintendo Wins Bizarre Patent Case in Defence of Mii Characters

    It was claimed it infringed patent for police sketch-artist data

    Nintendo battles its share of patent cases in the courts; some are serious challenges against major companies, and the big N has even lost a few over the years. A lot of the time, however, it sees off claims from smaller companies, particularly those that seemingly take ownership of...












  • Weirdness Slowpoke Reggae Exists, and it's Terrifying

    Kind of catchy, still nightmare inducing

    Everyone's Friday jut got a little weirder with the official Pokémon YouTube channel's latest post, a nearly four minute reggae epic of Slowpoke doing Slowpoke things like attempting to swallow other Slowpokes' tails, Busby Berkeley water number-style: One theory states that this video is related to an...

  • Weirdness There's a Fish That Plays Pokémon

    Magikarp breathes a sigh of relief (at least we think that was a sigh)

    Today's entrant in the annals of human achievement comes courtesy of Twitch TV, in the form of a motion-tracked fantail betta playing Pokémon Red/Blue using virtualised Game Boy controls. The fish, one Grayson Hopper, has apparently been playing (or "swimming aimlessly in his...

  • Weirdness Yoshi's Real Name Is Both Silly and Scientific

    Will re-open the "is he a dinosaur" debate

    We were once told by Nintendo that Yoshi is not a dinosaur, as we'd stated in a feature, but that he was simply a Yoshi. Once we'd dusted ourselves down from the polite but firm telling off, we felt indignant. He is a dinosaur, with boots, what's so wrong about that? It is possible that down the road of...






  • Weirdness 10th March is Mario Day, Apparently

    Darn, we forgot to arrange a parade

    Every day is a something day, it seems. It's rarely just a Monday, but there'll be a cause or occasion that seizes the day which will, ultimately, pass most of us by. There's even a website dedicated to the idea, unsurprisingly called — no confusion around its intentions, then. What's...


  • Weirdness You Can Now Play Zelda Really Badly on Twitch

    Struggles to Link players together

    In recent days you may have seen us directing your attention to TwitchPlaysPokémon and the mayhem it's caused, attracting tens of thousands of gamers at once. It may be a chaotic mess, in practice, but it's hit a nerve and, for those invested in the idea, become a highly enjoyable hobby. As it's the Flappy Bird...

  • Weirdness The VideoTendo 2000 is a VHS Tape Converted into a NES

    Rewind the clock with this fully functional modification

    We've seen our fair share of weird and wonderful console modifications during our time at Nintendo Life, but this latest project from modder Shinobicycle could well be the weirdest one yet. In what looks to be a wholesome celebration of the 1980s, this brave modder has taken a NES clone and...


  • News Rare Nintendo World Championships Cartridge Eventually Fetches $99,902

    Update: Buyer backs out

    Update: The buyer has apparently backed out of the purchase, claiming the bid was a "mistake". Here's what the seller had to say: The unfortunate reality is the second I approached the winning buyer with payment options, they retracted their bid claiming it was a “mistake.” I’m not offering the item to other bidders...

  • News 3DS Region-Free Hack is Hacked by Hackers

    Irony goes into overdrive

    Not so long ago we reported on a hack that utilises a flashcard and edits to a launcher to enable a 3DS to play legitimate cartridges region-free. Intriguingly, the tweak made the launcher itself unable to play ROMS and illegal game copies, but did mean a 3DS could run games from anywhere in the world, though admittedly...

  • Weirdness Japanese Gamer Clears Ocarina Of Time Using Only His Feet

    Saving Hyrule is by no means an easy feet

    Ocarina of Time needs no introduction. It's a title that has been explored through speedrun after speedrun, exploited and researched tirelessly for different ways to complete it, and today it will even be featured on Awesome Games Done Quick's fantastic charity streaming event. This particular playthrough,...





  • Weirdness These "Anywhere Buttons" Look Daft Wherever You Are

    Use these things in public, we dare you

    Hey, 3DS gamers! Do you want to look particularly silly when playing your handheld device in public? Have you always looked at that pesky touchscreen and thought, darn, I wish I had an adhesive stick-on D-Pad for that non-button area? Then step right up, for the "Anywhere Buttons"! Order now, preferably...



  • Weirdness Zelda Answers Rejected on Jeopardy, Hearts are Broken

    What a mean show

    Jeopardy! is a popular quiz show in the U.S. Heck, there's even a Jeopardy! game for the Wii U, which is one in the eye for anyone that says there aren't enough games for the system; its iconic jingle and tense battles over thousands of dollars are typical game show fare. Yet Nintendo fans may object to a recent bit of pedantry...

  • Video The Mysteries of Evolution Are Solved, Pokémon is the Answer

    The old B button trick

    Occasionally we like to highlight humourous videos that riff on Nintendo history, particularly as it shows — above all else — that Nintendo is a strong part of pop culture. If people keep referencing Nintendo's games and systems, particularly of the retro variety, it all helps to keep the company's brand at the forefront...


  • News Microsoft Execs Thought They Owned Donkey Kong After Acquiring Rare

    Conker's Bad Fur Day director tells an amusing tale

    Back in 2002 Microsoft forked out $375 million to acquire UK-based developer Rare, which had previously enjoyed a long prosperous period with Nintendo. Of course that meant all of Rare's intellectual properties went along for the ride, including Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie. However, according...

  • Weirdness The Mystery of the Mega Man 2 Box Art Pistol is Explained

    Capcom's Art Director blew it

    Retro game covers can be fascinating, on occasion because of just how awful they can look. Often there's a charm on display that you just don't see in many modern-day, high budget cover designs that have clearly been produced by a rather expensive branding agency; back then, video games were also predominantly targeting...

  • Weirdness Level-5's Favourite Character Poll Doesn't Go to Plan

    And the winner is...

    As part of the celebrations for its 15 year anniversary, well-known Japanese developer Level-5 recently held an online poll to allow gamers to vote for their favourite characters from the company's lineup. With franchises such as Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven in its portfolio, some would have expected the voting to be...

  • News Zelda Series Timeline Wasn't Planned From the Beginning

    The wails of theorists reverberate around the world

    The Zelda timeline is one of the mysteries of gaming — well, it is to enthusiasts that don't simply want to play the games and deal with the cards they're dealt. It's also rather confusing, even though the gorgeous Hyrule Historia includes an "official timeline". Multiple paths and time travel...

  • Weirdness The Wacky World of Nintendo at E3 2013

    The Villager is a homicidal sociopath, apparently

    With another E3 coming to an end, we've once again seen Nintendo produce some quirky moments. It must be one of the few multi-billion dollar corporations with executives willing to pose in somewhat bizarre setups, either in front of the obligatory over-sized props or, on occasion, playing a bit of...

  • Weirdness Capcom Selling a Rush Tissue Pouch in Japan for Mega Man Anniversary

    Just what the fans want...

    While this year has been a celebration of the Mega Man franchise's 25th Anniversary, Capcom's mainly been offering soundtracks, USB pen drives, laptop skins and other non-gaming products. We've also seen the release of the classic NES titles on the 3DS Virtual Console, with some doubling up on the Wii U Virtual Console for...




  • News Darksiders II to Disappear From The Wii U eShop After 31st March

    In Europe, at least

    Earlier today we reported on a rumour that Crytek USA may be interested in buying the Darksiders IP, as it's one of the franchises that's been left unclaimed in the sale of THQ's assets. That's a pity, as despite the odd frustrating section Darksiders II was a thoroughly decent action adventure title. In what seems to be a...

  • News Best Buy R.O.B. Saga Reaches a Happy Ending


    Best Buy has decided not to destroy the R.O.B. unit that nearly cost an employee his job. The robot, which an employee unsuccessfully attempted to take home instead of being recycled as part of Best Buy's Renew Blue program, will instead be sent to the company's corporate headquarters to be put on display. Best Buy had some enthusiastic...

  • News Best Buy Employee On A Mission To Save R.O.B.

    Battling corporate policy for the sake of gaming history

    An employee at Best Buy is currently at risk of losing his job in a desperate bid to prevent a Nintendo Entertainment System Deluxe Set from being recycled. Sharing his story on Reddit, a customer recently brought the set into the store to have it recycled as part of Best Buy's "Renew Blue"...

  • News Howard Phillips' "Ultimate" Nintendo World Championships 1990 Package Sells For A Whopping $17,367

    "Not just another NWC cart auction"

    A copy of Nintendo World Championships 1990 owned by none other than "Gamemaster" Howard Phillips has recently sold on eBay for an incredible US $17,367. The game was listed as part of a unique package being offered by Howard, including an all-access badge he wore during the original competition in 1990 and a...


  • News 3DS Has The Potential To Find You A Partner

    Saves the awkwardness of meeting someone in person

    Want to play games on your 3DS? That's so old-fashioned! Why not use it to find a boyfriend, or according to a ten year-old boy, a girlfriend. That's right, young "Masterclaw 360" posted up on the Colors! 3D 'I need a girlfriend. Girls read description', with arrows pointing down towards the...

  • News Scribblenauts Unlimited Was Briefly Available On The European Wii U eShop

    And it's been downloaded

    Earlier this week we told you about the delay to the European release of Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U and 3DS, due to "changes" that needed to be made — no real details were given. It appears as if someone forgot to tell the team that manages content on the Wii U eShop, as it made a brief appearance on the platform;...


  • News Balloon Fight On Wii U Reportedly Running At 50Hz in Europe

    Oh, Nintendo

    So, Balloon Fight is available in exchange for some loose change right now on the Wii U eShop. That's good. The download in Europe is apparently continuing the trend seen on Wii and is running at 50 Hz. That's most definitely bad. For those of you outside of Europe and unaware, back in the old days — prior to the GameCube era —...

  • News Sony and Kevin Butler Actor Settle Lawsuit Over Wii Appearance

    No more Mario Kart Wii for Jerry Lambert

    Last year we reported the peculiar news that Sony was taking 'Kevin Butler' actor Jerry Lambert to court over an appearance in a Bridgestone advert in which he was part of a Wii promotion. The Kevin Butler character was, for a significant period, the figurehead of Sony's advertising for PlayStation 3 and...

  • Rumour 3DS Cartridge Could Allow Handheld to Function as Wii U Controller

    A bucket of salt is needed for this one

    We do love the occasional rumour here at Nintendo Life, and the latest has emerged from French website, courtesy of its very own unnamed source — we love that guy/gal, we really do. In any case, the rumour is that an old DS patent is going to be revived which will allow a cartridge and...

  • News Here's An Enormous LEGO NES Controller That Actually Works

    Colour us amazed

    If you're a fans of LEGO and the NES, you need look no further. It's taken him four months, but Baron von Brunk has created a gigantic NES controller out of LEGO. It's the ultimate accessory. Von Brunk began the project in July 2012, to coincide with the 25th anniversary release of the first The Legend of Zelda title for the NES...


  • News In Need Of A Portable Super Nintendo? Look No Further

    All packaged in a lovely yellow case

    There's been a zombie apocalypse. You're going to need a survival kit. What comes to mind? A torch? A shotgun? A cricket bat? Well Reddit user Robotairz has created possibly the best emergency gaming kit we've seen with a portable Super Nintendo, protected within a hard yellow toolbox with a screen and room for...

  • News 7000 Wii U Systems Stolen in Seattle

    Nintendo will be sleepless tonight

    Earlier this week there were initial reports in local press that thousands of Wii consoles had been stolen from a distribution warehouse in Seattle, though now the story has spread wider and it's transpired that they were Wii U systems that were seized. If the stock is never retrieved, then it's a loss for Nintendo...

  • News Mario Voice Actor Charles Martinet To Lend His Talent To BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2

    It's a me...Commander Video?

    Gaijin Games has announced that its upcoming title, BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, will be narrated by none other than Mario voice actor Charles Martinet. The renowned voice actor will be voicing seven cut-scenes that appear in the downloadable game. Rather than lending his voice to a new...

  • News Wii U GamePad Lookalike On the Way

    No surprise, really

    One thing is guaranteed when a new high-profile gadget arrives in the market: within months it'll be heavily copied for a tablet device. It happened with the PlayStation Vita, and now it's the turn of the Wii U GamePad. The culprit this time is Chinese company JinXing with its SMART S7300 Console, described as a Dual Core HD...