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  • Video Toki Tori 3D Launch Trailer Flaps Into View

    Just in time for release day

    Toki Tori 3D launches today, and to mark the occasion developer Two Tribes has sneakily published a launch trailer on its YouTube channel. A remake of the Game Boy Color original, the game boasts improved visuals and animation, as well as a new "rewind" feature that allows you to backtrack and fix your mistakes. Toki...


  • Hands On Learning to Enjoy Death in RIVE

    Two Tribes isn't cute and cuddly any more

    Two Tribes, prior to its closure and restructuring in early 2014, had a broad range of games and genres both developed in-house and as part of its publishing arm. Toki Tori was the best known of its titles, a cute - albeit tricky - puzzler that branched out across consoles and smart devices. The company's...







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    Wii U eShop

    Review Swords & Soldiers

    The battle returns

    Originally released exclusively on WiiWare in 2009, Swords & Soldiers has had its fair share of ports in the five years since its initial release; it's made an appearance on almost every platform under the sun. The last of these to grace a Nintendo platform, the 3DS version, was not exactly a shining example of what one would...

  • Preview Swords & Soldiers HD

    The best of both worlds

    The WiiWare platform may not always be considered in a particularly glowing light, but it's undeniable that it did deliver some top-class download experiences. One of these was Swords & Soldiers from Ronimo Games, a side-scrolling real-time strategy title that made use of the Wii Remote pointer in an intuitive, natural...




  • Interview Two Tribes Explains Development Closure and Starting Again

    "We're still in the game making business, albeit in smaller form"

    This week we reported the news that Two Tribes had shut down its development company and, in its own terms, rebooted with a smaller development studio. As Two Tribes Publishing B.V. was a separate company — as the name suggests — responsible for publication of both the studio's...

  • News Two Tribes Development Studio Shuts Down and New, Smaller Company is Formed

    Two Tribes Publishing B.V. remains unaffected

    Two Tribes, the development studio best-known for games such as Toki Tori and Toki Tori 2+, has entered bankruptcy, with the original owners Martijn Reuvers and Collin van Ginkel now forming a new, smaller company. Two Tribes as a development studio was a separate business from Two Tribes Publishing...

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    3DS eShop

    Review EDGE

    A different side of the same cube

    We are already big fans of EDGE on the Wii U eShop, a release in which it was one-third of the Two Tribes Classics trilogy. Its arrival on the 3DS is as a solo flyer, and perhaps on a screen size that'll be more familiar to veterans of the mobigame title that Two Tribes has so effectively promoted to gamers of all...



  • News EDGE 3DS 'Looking Good' For A Pre-Xmas Release

    Passes Nintendo of America's certification checks

    Last week we reported that EDGE would be coming to the 3DS eShop, and it appears we won’t have to wait too long. Earlier today, Two Tribes announced on Twitter that things were looking good for an EDGE 3DS Christmas release, or possibly even sooner. The publisher later confirmed that the title,...

  • News EDGE to Roll Its Way Onto the 3DS eShop

    Published by Two Tribes, ported by Cosmigo

    EDGE arrives on the Wii U eShop in North America and Europe today, the second entry in the Two Tribes Classics series of low-prices releases. We're big fans, too, awarding it 9/10 in our review. Publisher Two Tribes has now confirmed that the title will also be making its way the 3DS eShop, soon, providing...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review EDGE

    Simple but multi-sided

    Two Tribes, in bringing its Classics series to the Wii U eShop, is among the first to deliver inexpensive experiences — especially with launch promotional prices — that have primarily made their home on other platforms for a good period of time. The updated edition of Toki Tori is based on its PC brethren, while now we...




  • News Two Tribes Planning Classics Series on the Wii U eShop

    "We're already working on them behind the scenes"

    Two Tribes has been a busy studio in recent times, bringing Toki Tori 2 to the Wii U eShop, a '+' version to Steam on PC, and has also confirmed to us on multiple occasions that updates to the Wii U version will add features such as the level creation tool. While that's plenty to deal with, the...



  • News Toki Tori 2 to Launch With a Discount

    The early bird gets the worm

    Two Tribes has announced pricing details for the soon-to-be-released Toki Tori 2. As an extra bonus, however, the highly anticipated Wii U eShop title will launch worldwide on 4th April with a 10% discount in all territories. The following pricing information comes from Two Tribes' official blog; the listed prices are...


  • Feature A Tour of the Two Tribes HQ

    Going behind the scenes

    With its upcoming Wii U eShop release of Toki Tori 2, as well as plans to port a couple of existing titles to the console's download platform, developer Two Tribes has a lot of work on its plate. Despite that the team has been kind enough to produce the following exclusive tour of its HQ, giving an insight into the size of...



  • Feature Toki Tori 2 Top 5 - What's New In The Sequel

    Calling the shots

    Toki Tori 2, the sequel to one of WiiWare's best-known titles, arrives on the Wii U eShop on 20th December. This sequel features significant changes from the structure and gameplay of the original release, while the included level editor may give extra life to the experience for any budding game designers with their hands on a Wii...



  • Interview Two Tribes - Toki Tori 2

    No more flapping around

    A little over a week ago Two Tribes released its first trailer for Toki Tori 2, showing off footage of the diminutive feathered hero solving puzzles and using various creatures in the environment to help him on his way. It showed off some nifty gameplay mechanics, while the developer revealed details via its blog of the...


  • News Two Tribes Has 'Something Big' Coming to Nintendo

    Tell us all about it

    Two Tribes has already confirmed that it's working to bring Toki Tori 2 to Wii U, with the goal of arriving on the system on or near its launch. As it's a developer that's already keen to be involved in Nintendo's next console, we were certainly encouraged when the following exchange took place on our Twitter feed...


  • News Two Tribes Announces Toki Tori 2 Wii U Plans

    They're not playing chicken

    Some of you may remember that Toki Tori, developed by Two Tribes, was a launch title on WiiWare. With the Wii's successor due this year, Two Tribes has decided to try and make an appearance on Wii U's download service. Through a press release and blog entry, it's been confirmed that efforts are underway to bring Toki Tori...


  • News Two Tribes Asks What You Want Them to Make on 3DS

    Other than Toki Tori

    Dutch development studio Two Tribes has released titles on WiiWare and DSiWare, so it's only natural the team would want to move across to support the new Nintendo 3DS. What should they create, though? That's where you come in. The team is openly soliciting ideas on the official Two Tribes blog, asking users what they would play on 3DS — with the exception of Toki Tori, which..


  • News Frenzic Lands Today with a Fresh New Trailer

    200 Points for portable puzzler

    Two Tribes' latest release, Frenzic, launches on European DSiWare today with a North American release to follow on Monday, and we have the official launch trailer to fill in some of the details in case you're not sure whether to take the 200 Point plunge or not. If the press release and following trailer still don't...

  • Interviews Two Tribes - Frenzic

    Promising puzzler gets it in the Q&A

    DSiWare puzzler Frenzic is nearly upon us – released this Friday in Europe and Monday for North America at 200 Points, in fact. Publisher Two Tribes graciously granted us time for an interview to find out more about the process of bringing Frenzic to DSiWare. Nintendo Life: Can you tell us a bit about Frenzic?...

  • News Two Tribes has a Frenzic Release Planned for This Month

    Another puzzler under its belt

    Two Tribes has carved out a nice position for itself in the download market with its selection of puzzle games on the WiiWare service. Having already brought Toki Tori and Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH to release, the developer is getting ready to launch its upcoming port of The Iconfactory's puzzle game Frenzic from the App Store to the DSi Shop. Screenshots of the..


  • News DSiWare to Get Frenzic Thanks to Two Tribes

    Room for one more puzzle game

    DSiWare is a pretty crowded place for puzzle games, so the announcement of one more is generally met with more than a little world-weariness. When the team behind the announcement is Two Tribes, the studio responsible for Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH and Toki Tori, you might be a bit more inclined to show interest. The studio is publishing portable puzzler Frenzic on..


  • News Brand New Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH screens

    Feast your eyes on some more screenshots.

    Two Tribes has just released a brand new batch of five screenshots for their upcoming WiIWare puzzler, Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH. The new screens are a bit more zoomed in than the previous ones, to give us a clear view at the game's smooth graphics. The screenshots can be viewed below in the image section - They're the five newest ones, of course! Two..


  • News Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Official Trailer

    Check out the upcoming WiiWare puzzler in action.

    Two Tribes have just sent over the brand new official trailer of their upcoming WiiWare puzzler Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush in action. The game is currently in lot check at Nintendo, so it should see a release fairly soon if all goes according to plans. You can check out a snippet of information about the game, along with the official trailer of the..

  • News Exclusive Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Screenshots

    Plus we're told that the game isn't too far from a release on the WiiWare service.

    Two Tribes have just sent over five brand new screenshots of their upcoming WiiWare puzzler Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush in action. The game is currently in lot check at Nintendo, so it should see a release fairly soon if all goes according to plans. You can check out a snippet of information about the game, along..


  • Interviews Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH - Two Tribes

    We asked Two Tribes some questions about their upcoming second WiiWare game.

    It's been a long time since we heard anything from Two Tribes. After releasing the fantastic Toki Tori around WiiWare's launch period, they haven't really done too much on the digital download front - Toki Tori was recently ported to iPhone, but aside from that things have been pretty quiet. Of course we had a feeling they..

  • News Two Tribes Reveals Their Next WiiWare Project

    Set to make a series of games based around the famous Rubik's Cube.

    Ever since they released the excellent WiiWare launch title Toki Tori, things have been rather quiet at Two Tribes, which was a shame - Obviously we couldn't wait to see what else they had in store for WiiWare! Today the wait is over - Two Tribes has revealed that their next project is actually a series of WiiWare games based..


  • News Toki Tori Merchandise Coming Soon

    Own your very own Toki Tori!

    A while ago Two Tribes expressed their desire to create Toki Tori merchandise. But it was all up to fan demand if they would actually be made. It's now official though, there will be Toki Tori figurines, with perhaps other merchandise to follow. They're not for sale yet, nor has Two Tribes revealed any details on when we can expect them to be, or how much they'll cost,..


  • News Toki Tori Blog Update: The Anatomy of a Toki Tori Level

    It's time for another Toki Tori blog update! This time, you can see how exactly Two Tribes went about designing levels.

    The blog post says that Two Tribes very carefully designed every level - Each one had to have its own unique feature or theme, without making the solution too obvious. The post also reveals some interesting things from this and the previous Toki Tori - For example, Toki Tori on..

  • News Want Toki Tori Merchandise? Speak Up Now!

    Two Tribes is trying hard to get more people interested in their awesome WiiWare puzzler, Toki Tori. Last week they decided to start making blog posts about the game's development, but this week they're going one step further.

    Apparently lots of people have already requested Toki Tori merchandise, but the costs to make these were quite high. Two Tribes isn't exactly that big of a company, so they..

  • News Two Tribes Opens Toki Tori Blog And Releases New Videos

    Toki Tori for has been available since the launch of WiiWare mid 2008. It has since been nominated for several IGN 2008 Awards, and was ranked 4th on the the year's top 5 WiiWare games at WiiWare World.

    Today, Two Tribes would like to announce the opening of their new Toki Tori blog. It can be found here. The blog will contain posts from the development team behind Toki Tori and focus on giving..


  • News Toki Tori Invades Japan

    Remember Toki Tori? Of course you do – it’s the best Dutch export since the clog, as was clearly stated in our glowing review. It may be one of the earlier WiiWare releases but it remains a true classic that you really should download if you haven’t done so already.

    Anyway, our friends over at developer Two Tribes have gotten in touch to let us know about Toki Tori’s appearance at the..


  • News Toki Tori For WiiWare Goes To Euro 2008

    He's football mad!

    Our finely feathered friend Toki Tori does like to get out and about it seems. Most recently he has been spotted at the Euro 2008 football championship! (Soccer to our American friends) Take a look for yourself at the freshly updated Toki Tori website. If you look under the media section you can find some nice wallpapers for your...


  • News Toki Tori Coming To America On Monday!

    WiiWare World can exclusively reveal that Toki Tori is due to be released this coming Monday (2nd June) in North America on WiiWare.

    Lucky Europe got this excellent game on the 20th May as part of their WiiWare launch. Platform/Puzzle fans in North America jealously coveted a slice of the action but were to be disappointed when it didn’t come out the following week in their territory. All the..

  • News Two Tribes Interview - Toki Tori

    For many people Toki Tori represents the dark horse of the European WiiWare launch. Unless you were a keen Gameboy Color gamer there's a chance that you've never heard of this cute little character before, but he's been given a new lease of life on WiiWare in what is proving to be an extremely promising title.

    Sensing that the world needed to know...

  • News Toki Tori - Gameplay Trailer

    If you're still not quite convinced of Toki Tori's awesomeness then this trailer might finally do the trick - It's the first actual gameplay footage of the game that's been released.

    All four of the game's areas are shown, along with a bunch of the game's tools and items. You can also hear what the game's music and sound effects sound like. The game will be released on the Wii Shop soon - We..

  • News Toki Tori - New Screens

    Dutch developer Two Tribes today released some new screens for Toki Tori, their upcoming WiiWare game. As you might know, it appears to be a remake of their original Game Boy Color game of the same name.

    The game is a platformer/puzzler hybrid, combining quick reactions with smart thinking. It was originally released at the end of the GBC's life (In 2001) and was met with pretty positive reviews..


  • News WiiWare: Toki Tori Returns

    You might've already seen it on the WiiWare game page a while ago - Toki Tori was a game released on the Game Boy Color at the very end of its life - 2001, to be exact. The game looked quite amazing for the little system, almost on par with the new Game Boy Advance, and featured some stunningly addictive gameplay. It also had a pretty addictive soundtrack.

    Dutch developer Two Tribes has now officially announced that Toki Tori is indeed coming to WiiWare. Whether it's a remake, sequel or combination of both is still up in the air (Although some of the levels seen so far were in the original), but the game is looking quite great and t...