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  • Video Enjoy These Epic Puyo Puyo Tetris Battles

    You don't have to speak Japanese to enjoy this, but it might help

    Puyo Puyo Tetris is set to be a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch library when it arrives late April this year. If you were curious to know how the game plays out then footage from this recent Japanese tournament which SEGA has put up on its YouTube channel might be of interest...




  • News Upcoming Tetris Movie is Confirmed to be the First in a Trilogy

    "The story we conceived is so big"

    When news emerged earlier this year that there'd be a Tetris movie, bemusement seemed like a fair reaction. How do you compose a narrative and movie out of this particular iconic game? Back then producer Larry Kasanoff - whose credits include work on films like True Lies - spoke of the film having a surprise...


  • News ​A Tetris Movie is in the Making

    And, of course, it will be a trilogy

    It could certainly be argued that the original Game Boy owes a large chunk of its initial success to Tetris. Released as a pack-in game with every Game Boy, the simple yet addictive falling block game took the world by storm, instantly cementing itself as a large piece of gaming history. Tetris has sold hundreds...




  • Video Chill Out With Tetris Trivia, the Soviet Game That Took Over the World

    Did You Know Gaming? strikes again

    In the Nintendo history books that have already been written, and in more that will follow, Tetris inevitably get a prominent mention - its bundling with the Game Boy was an integral part of the success for both game and hardware. Its origins are from long before then, of course, and the game has had an interesting...





  • News Two Tetris Downloads to be Removed from the 3DS eShop in Europe

    Blocks dropped

    Occasionally we see some enjoyable titles disappear from Nintendo's download stores, often retro titles and likely the result of a licensing issue. We're a little surprised by the latest victims, however, which are set to disappear from the European 3DS eShop after 31st December. Following that date the store will lose the Game Boy...

  • 47


    Review Tetris Ultimate

    The ultimate Tetris?

    Tetris has been around since 1984, where it was developed in Russia for the DVK, a Soviet computer, but most people remember either the Game Boy or the NES version as being the breakthrough for the title. To say that Tetris is successful is an understatement; the gameplay is just as enjoyable as it was thirty years ago and...


  • Weirdness Tetris Played With Pillows is Oddly Entertaining

    We've had Kirby as yarn and Yoshi as wool, after all

    As it's the end of a frantic week, and the main talking point going around right now is on a slightly obvious rumour about a Wii U HD Remaster — we'll get to that in our own way shortly — we thought we'd take the chance to relax and simply look at something cool. This video certainly qualifies...




  • News 'Mr. Tetris', Henk Rogers, Discusses Game Boy Sales and Nintendo

    "It would be nice to see them gain some momentum again"

    This year is undoubtedly notable for one of the best-known franchises in gaming, as Tetris celebrates its 30th Anniversary. It was created by Alexey Pajitnov in the Soviet Union in 1984, and in one of the smartest video game business deals ever made Henk Rogers travelled to Russia to secure...




  • Video You'll Wish You Could Play Tetris As Well As This

    Thor Aackerlund is a Tetris master

    Like the talented and popular sporty kid you used to hate at school, Thor Aackerlund has been annoying the hell out of Nintendo fans for decades, thanks largely to his superhuman gaming skills — skills which won him the coveted Nintendo World Championship back in 1990. Turns out Aackerlund hasn't allowed his...


  • Weirdness Tetris May Be An Ideal Cure For Lazy Eye

    Oh medical studies, how we love you

    In recent years, particularly with the control and gameplay innovations of the DS / Wii era onwards, we've seen Nintendo systems used for various medical studies and treatments; that's most assuredly a good thing. Often these studies show a refreshing level of creativity along with their obvious scientific merit,...


  • News Ultra-Rare Tengen Tetris Prototype Up For Auction

    An important relic of video game history

    Tengen Tetris is one of the rarest, if not the rarest, NES cartridges out there. It was released way back in 1989 but after only a month on the shelves, unsold copies of the game were recalled - a shame considering many felt it was the better version of the game due to its improved graphics and two-player...


  • News Tetris Halloween Outfits Are a Puzzling Sight

    Blocks walking 'round the block

    When you combine video game enthusiasts and that strange time of year, Halloween, there's no limit to what strange costumes may be seen strolling around normally quiet neighbourhoods. It seems that one group of friends forgot that they were trying to scare people, so instead opted to cause puzzlement instead. As you...


  • News New Documentry Celebrates The World's Unsung Tetris Masters

    Block buster

    Everyone loves Tetris, right? Everyone from your grandma to Steve Wozniak, in fact! But for some people, the most famous video game ever to emerge from Russia is much more than just a way to waste a few minutes while waiting for the bus - it's a way of life, a challenge which defines and shapes their existence. Tetris lover Robin...


  • News Tetris Party Live Disappears from eShop

    Publisher explains why

    Check the 3DS eShop or DSi Shop and you'll notice that Tetris Party Live is no longer available to buy, either in North America or European regions. We reached out to the publisher, Tetris Online Inc., for an explanation. Casey Pelkey, vice president of marketing, had this to say: I can confirm that Tetris Party Live is no...


  • News Tetris 3DS Drops Into Europe on 21st October

    Start forming a line now

    In exactly one month you European 3DS owners will be able to get Tetris for your 3DS, as Nintendo announces a release date of 21st October 2011. The game is known as Tetris Axis in North America, but in Europe Nintendo is going with the less is more approach to naming. It'll still have the same single player and online multiplayer modes, just in a new name. North Americans,..

  • News Tetris Axis Lines Up 8 Player Online Modes

    Friends not included

    With the announcement that Nintendo had picked up publishing duties for Tetris Axis came a fact sheet proclaiming two to six player online play. Great news indeed. Fast forward a few weeks and Nintendo has updated the fact sheet with one minor change: online multiplayer will now support up to eight players for maximum...


  • News Dropping Tetrominoes Might Help with Post Traumatic Stress

    Stacking blocks good for you

    Anyone who's played Tetris – i.e. everyone ever – can attest to its soothing qualities as they stack block after block aiming to create those lovely lines. Now a new study suggests that playing the game isn't just good for fun, it may help to reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Scientific journal...


  • News Planet Earth, Meet Your First Classic Tetris World Champion

    It's Jonas Neubauer, and he's good

    They came, they saw, they rotated and dropped and rotated again. The first-ever Classic Tetris World Championships took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, and 29-year old Jonas Neubauer walked away with the crown, statue and novelty-sized cheque. Beating over 200 players under the watchful eye of former...


  • News Not Tetris Looks Like Tetris But is Not Tetris

    Got it?

    With its 90-degree turns and grid-based gameplay, Tetris takes a few liberties with the laws of physics (not to mention why these blocks are dropping and disappear once adjoined.) But what if its physics were a little more fluid; a little more unforgiving? That's what Not Tetris is all about. A free PC download, Not Tetris is all about...

  • News Tetris Party Deluxe Rotates & Drops Down in Europe This September

    The latest cross-platform puzzler has its release date slotted in

    Tetris is one of those franchises that just won't go away, whether you want it to or not. The simplicity of its premise has lead to countless variations in rule-sets, and the latest instalment that's out on the Wii and the DS – Tetris Party Deluxe – has had its European release date confirmed. From 3rd September onwards,..


  • News Tuper Tario Tros: A Mario/Tetris Mash-up

    Warning: this Flash game is highly addictive

    Newgrounds user and all-round genius SwingSwing has created a fantastic Mario/Tetris mash-up named Tuper Tario Tros. Blending the platformer and puzzle genres, the game involves traversing the usual Mario landscape with your usual repertoire of jumping and, err... more jumping. When Mario encounters an obstacle he's unable to jump across, players hit the..

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