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  • News 3DS System Version 11.0.0-33 is Now Available

    All the way to eleven

    It's been a couple months now since the last update went out for the 3DS, and fans around the world have no doubt been wondering what the hold-up has been. After all, the system surely won't become any more stable by itself. Fortunately, the tech wizards at Nintendo have worked their magic and figured out, yet again, how to...


  • News 3DS System Update 10.7.0-32 is Now Live

    At this rate, it'll become a singularity

    3DS firmware updates are something that are fairly common occurrences nowadays. While it may be that these typically don't add any new or exciting features, there is one thing that every update adds that we simply can never have enough of: stability. Fortunately, the Nintendo R&D wizards have managed to...


  • News 3DS System Version 10.6.0-31 is Now Available

    Guess what it does?

    It's been nearly a month since the last 3DS system update, and many gamers have no doubt been getting quite worried over the state of their 3DS software, stability-wise. Fortunately, Nintendo software staffers have swept in to save the day again, crafting a new update that should stabilize the 3DS OS even further. As always,...


  • News 3DS System Update 10.5.0-30 is Now Available

    Stability intensifies

    Exactly one week ago, Nintendo dropped the latest version of the 3DS system software, granting users the opportunity to experience the most stable version of the software, yet. One would think that it would take all of the intellectual minds in Nintendo's R&D department quite a long time to devise a superior OS that's even...

  • News ​3DS System Version 10.4.0-29 is Now Available for Download

    This thing can never be too stable

    A week ago, the Wii U received the first software update it had seen in awhile, and - you guessed it - it was another stability patch. For the majority of you, this changed absolutely nothing about the Wii U experience, but it sure feels good to know that the system is as stable as it gets. In light of this, some...

  • News Wii U System Version 5.5.1 is Now Available

    Brace yourself for an extra 47 MB of stability

    It's not too often that an OS update for Nintendo consoles really adds anything significant. Every once in a blue moon, we'll receive something interesting and notable like a speed update, but it's usually just a stability update that "improves overall system performance". That's what this latest update...


  • News 3DS System Update 10.1.0-27 Available Now, Hackers Undaunted

    The most stable one yet, but not hack-proof?

    Just when we thought the 3DS couldn't get any more stable, Nintendo's only gone and released a fresh system update. What does it do? Well, not much, and it's probably designed to stop naughty people doing things they shouldn't, such as hacking it. It appears that Tubehax, Ironhax and Ninejhax have all...

  • News 3DS System Update 10.0.0-27 Is Available Now

    Get ready for a super stable experience

    Nintendo has released a fresh system update for the 3DS today, and it’s guaranteed to enhance the overall experience. So what exactly does it do? Well, not all that much according to the description below, but it’s presumably been issued to iron out any possible exploits and make a few background...



  • News 3DS System Update, to Version 9.9.2-26, Ramps Up Precious Stability

    Almost too stable

    The 3DS update train keeps on moving, with another firmware tweak arriving and taking us to version 9.9.2-26. Like a series of other updates, however, it's not clear what it achieves for users, as it appears to deliver behind-the-scenes tweaks. The following is from the official update history: Further improvements to overall...



  • News Nintendo 3DS System Update 9.7.0-25 Has Stability To Spare

    Not a lot else, alas

    A new system update for the Nintendo 3DS is now available, and guess what - it's bringing that sweet, sweet stability. System update 9.7.0-25 (for that is its name) can be downloaded to your console right now, and offers the usual benefits: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been...





  • News Wii U System Update 5.3.0 Adds amiibo Settings

    Register figures and manage their data

    The Wii U has had its fair share of updates recently, and another has been rolled out to add support for the upcoming range of amiibo figures. System version 5.3.0 (add a U or E depending on your region) has added new menus for managing amiibo data while also, no doubt, done plenty of firmware work behind the...




  • News Wii U System Update 5.1.2 Takes Stability to Another Level

    Stability to make your head spin

    Nintendo loves its system updates for the Wii U, with regular notifications telling us that our shiny systems are ready to go to the next level. The next level of stability. That's right, firmware fans! Nintendo has released another system update promising more stability and mysterious improvements to our user...

  • News System Update 8.1.0-19 Now Available on 3DS

    Can you handle the stability?

    Earlier this week there was a Wii U system update that made it so stable that we could barely comprehend the level of stability. 3DS owners may have felt left out, so Nintendo has courageously stepped forward with an update for the portable, taking us to version 8.1.0-19. Below is the word from the official changelog...

  • News Wii U System Update 5.1.1 is Now Available

    Minor enhancements and stability ahoy!

    Just a short amount of time ahead of a Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct and in the midst of Nintendo Network maintenance, Nintendo has released a system update for the Wii U; version 5.1.1 is now available in Europe and North America, and appears to be one of those lovely stability updates. It's a small...


  • News 3DS System Update 8.1.0-18 is Now Live

    Sweet, sweet stability

    It's another glorious day, system update fans, as the 3DS (and 2DS) has another download waiting; this is after a bit of eShop and Nintendo Network maintenance in recent days. We're not sure the change will blow any minds, but it sure is stable. Those of you that are system update fanatics know what's coming, but below is the...

  • News Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To Console Data Transfer

    You can now navigate the eShop with multiple controllers, too

    Wii U system update version 5.1.0 is rolling out to consoles as we speak, and allows owners to port data from one Wii U console to another. Previously, users were required to send their Wii U consoles to Nintendo in order to transfer information — such as your Nintendo Network ID, game...

  • News 3DS System Update 8.0.0-18 is Now Live

    Hold onto your hats, things just got seriously stable

    On 7th July the eShop stores were down — worldwide — for around five hours for maintenance, and though plenty of work was undoubtedly done the only notable change from a gamer's perspective was that the music seemed to change. We're not going to lie, it was underwhelming. Fear not though,...



  • News New 3DS System Update 7-2-0-17 Now Live

    Parents have never had so much control

    In a never-ending quest to offer stability and usability to 3DS gamers, Nintendo recently released a system update lovingly named 7-2-0-17 into the wild. Here's what the update offers: Version 7.2.0-17 available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Added new Parental Control...

  • Video Nintendo Shows Off The Wii U's Forthcoming Quick Boot Menu

    Regular system boot also getting a turbo boost

    Fed up of wasting all those precious seconds waiting for your Wii U to boot up from cold? Fear not, because Nintendo has the solution, and it's coming in a firmware update this year. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the new quick boot menu during the recent investor's presentation. The sequence...


  • News Wii U System Update 4.1.0 Available Now

    More wonderful stability

    Nintendo does occasionally have humorous timing, releasing a new system update for the Wii U on 1st April. It's real though, we can assure you of that, and is a relatively small download that should download and install within five minutes on a solid connection. As always the Nintendo support website provides a changelog,...


  • News Wii U System Update 4.0.3 Goes Live

    Dat stability

    As with the 3DS, Nintendo's keeping busy with system updates for the Wii U, releasing version 4.0.3 for your gaming pleasure. We suspect that, due to the close proximity of the update with the news, that this has little to do with the reported Wii U exploit; either way, it's a minor update. There aren't any shiny new menus or...


  • News 3DS System Update 7.1.0-15 is Available Now

    We're digging all this extra stability

    Just when the 3DS was settling down into a January stupor, Nintendo's gone and released a fresh system update. What does it do? Well, not much, and it's probably designed to stop naughty people doing things they shouldn't, such as hacking it. Update 7.1.0-15 is one of those quick downloads that makes your...



  • News Wii U System Update 4.0.2 Goes Live

    Spot the differences

    It's system update time once again on the Wii U, though before you get out the party hats you should know that 4.0.2 U (North America) and 4.0.2 E (Europe) are only small files focused on "minor adjustments". As expected, the Nintendo changelog says the following. Further improvements to overall system stability and other...



  • News 3DS System Update Goes Live, Doesn't Really Do Anything

    Will version 6.3.0-12E rock your world?

    If you haven't fired up your 3DS in the last 24 hours, a surprise may await — it's an all-new system update! Those cheeky scamps at Nintendo have once again been working on the following changes to your beloved handheld. System stability improvements and other adjustments. Further improvements to overall...


  • News StreetPass DLC System Update Finally Hits North America


    Back in June Europe and Japan received an update to the StreetPass Mii Plaza that not only gave it a shiny new layout and some other minor tweaks, but also four new paid-DLC games. North America received a system update minus the StreetPass content, which was a little baffling and frustrating for those that fancied bringing some spice to...

  • News Wii U Summer System Update Pushed Back To The Fall

    Update v3.1.0 U available now, but it's not the big one

    Nintendo has pushed update v3.1.0 U to Wii U consoles worldwide, but it's not the big Summer update we were all expecting — that now seems to have been delayed until later in the year. v3.1.0 U comes with some stability and performance upgrades, and permits SpotPass to function even while...


  • News Another 3DS System Update Goes Live

    No thrills this time around

    If you haven't noticed already, there's a new 3DS system update in town. The last entry brought a save backup feature, locked out the one working 3DS flashcard before it even went to market and, in PAL regions and Japan, brought additional paid-DLC to the StreetPass Plaza. Released yesterday, the fresh update seems to be...

  • News New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live

    New StreetPass features in Europe, update is worldwide

    With no warning or fanfare Nintendo has released the latest update for the 3DS, version 6.0.0-11U. The update includes a save data backup feature for downloaded content, as well as a small improvement in system ability and usability. Save Data Backup Feature: Users can now back up save data...


  • News New Wii U System Update Goes Live

    Don't get excited, though

    If you have good timing you'll have already seen it, but if not then be prepared - a Wii U system update awaits. On our system it kicked in automatically when the console was booted up, and it's clear from the download and install time that it's a spit and polish effort, not a major change. Having checked the Nintendo of...


  • Rumour Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomorrow

    Virtual Console looks set to open on Tuesday

    The Wii U Virtual Console is scheduled to launch a day after the upcoming system update, which is set to go live at some point this week. Nintendo didn't give any specific date for the update, but it appears that it could be up and running as soon as Monday as the official website has already started...

  • News New 3DS System Update Now Available

    Update for an update?

    Nintendo has released another small system update, bumping the firmware up to 5.1.0-11U. After 3DS users updated the system to 5.0.0-11U last month, some experienced difficulty accessing the System Settings, eShop or Game Notes, so this new update should fix the old one. Version 5.1.0-11U available via wireless Internet...


  • News New 3DS System Update Gives the eShop a Spit and Polish

    Update: fix confirmed for any post-update issues

    Since posting this article we've been advised in the comments and elsewhere that this system update has caused issues in some cases; when an error occurs it prevents subsequent access to the eShop or System Settings. Courtesy of our wonderful Twitter followers we've been directed to a fix that'll...


  • News Wii U Update Will Be Available Out Of The Box Next Year

    Oh why must U make us wait

    We all had to face that dreaded update for Wii U upon first setting it up, leaving no choice but to pop off for a cup of tea or a quick stroll to the shops and back. It has come as no surprise, however, that this hour long update - some have had less time to wait, while others had much longer - will come pre-installed with...


  • News Wii U System Update Can Be Downloaded in the Background

    Play while you wait

    If one complaint drowned out all others among excited Wii U owners on launch day, it was the waiting time to install the system update. Depending on your internet speed and the performance of the Nintendo servers, the download typically seemed to take anything between 45 minutes and three hours, and then you'd have another 10-15...

  • News TVii Application Won't Be Available On Wii U Launch

    Will arrive in December

    Last week we discovered that the Wii U will need to be updated with a patch on day-one of launch to enable you to use features such as Miiverse, Wii U Chat and the eShop. North America was also told that TVii, the service that allows users to navigate through their online video subscriptions more easily, will also be...

  • News Wii U Will Require Day One Update for Key Features

    Miiverse, Wii U Chat, eShop and TVii included

    Wii U is getting so close that we can smell the packaging, and vital details about what to expect out of the box are starting to emerge. While many are no doubt hoping that preview systems will reveal Wii U's secrets to the world, it seems that we'll all have a little longer to wait. As reported by IGN,...



  • News 3DS System Update is Available Now

    Don't get excited, though

    Nintendo's relatively regular updates to the 3DS system continue today, with version 4.3.0-10U available for download now in Europe and North America. If you don't update manually we'd expect a SpotPass notification and prompts to arrive shortly. Unfortunately for those of us still dreaming of adding colours or icons to...

  • News Nintendo Patents Improvements for 3DS Download Play

    Less pesky waiting

    Download Play has been a positive feature since it was introduced in the DS family of handhelds, especially for those that don't have an internet connection or in some games where only one game cart is needed for multiple people to play. Many of us may not use it that often, but it's an extra that shows Nintendo's devotion to...



  • News First 3DS Update Sends 3D Video to Your Machine

    And for free, too

    3DS isn't even officially out in the West yet, and already Nintendo has sent out a system update that adds new features to the machine. Gamers in Europe receive a pretty stunning 3D video montage of skateboard, skydiving, flowers growing and more, whereas North American consoles get a free music video from OK Go! We'll leave it to...


  • News Did Nintendo Secretly Patch The Conduit?

    Spawning glitch reportedly a non-issue after System Menu 4.2 update

    Players of High Voltage Software's online FPS The Conduit are familiar with this scenario: after waiting up to five minutes to connect to a new multiplayer game, you'd spawn seemingly into a wall and not be able to do anything, not even leave the game without shutting down the console. It was one of those bugs that was as endlessly..

  • News System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right and Centre

    Consoles slightly left of centre should be fine, though

    The Wii only received its 4.2 update the other day, but already the Internet's alive with reports it's causing machines to stop working completely, with many popping up on our very own forums. The update's major purpose was to remove the Homebrew Channel from consoles, as well as protect the...


  • News Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US

    Addresses "behind-the-scenes" fixes

    Little white boxes hooked up to WiiConnect24 in the US should have a little blue light emanating from the front as Nintendo have updated the Wii's System Menu yet again. According to the letter delivered by Nintendo's digital pigeons: This update provides behind-the-scenes fixes that will not affect features but...


  • News NA DSi Owners to Get Facebook Functionality Tonight

    Keep yourself connected

    Nintendo of America has announced that North American DSi owners will be able to upload photos to their Facebook accounts when the new system update goes live around 5PM pacific time. Lucky Americans will be able to tap a Facebook icon whilst perusing their photos and instantly send them to their Facebook profile, as if by...


  • News Upload Your DSi Photos Directly to Facebook

    New feature on European/Australian and Japanese DSi systems.

    If you've got a European, Australian or Japanese DSi, you can now go to the settings menu or the DSi Shop to be presented with a system update - Once you've done this, the photo album will get a new feature. After taking a picture, there will be a new button when looking at it in your...

  • News Wii System Update 4.1 Available

    Fixes some behind-the-scenes stuff

    A blue light special has hit North America and Europe, courtesy of our entertainment overlords at Nintendo. No new features have been added to the Wii console repertoire, instead providing "behind-the-scenes fixes" to improve overall system performance. No further details than that have been provided, but we'd wager it has something to do with the Wii..