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    Wii U

    Review Skylanders Imaginators

    Use your imagination

    With the demise of Disney Infinity you may think that toys to life games are on the way out. However, with the Skylanders Academy show on Netflix and another new game for fans, Activision are pressing ahead - for the time being, at least. Skylanders Imaginators is this year's game and it offers a substantial twist on what has...



  • Rumour The Skylanders Franchise Might Be Facing Cancellation

    Liam Robertson weighs in on the topic

    It seems that the writing's been on the wall for the toys-to-life market for a while now. The Disney Infinity franchise just got cancelled this summer, and the general sales in this industry have been steadily shrinking. Lego Dimensions and Skylanders have been holding the line thus far, but it seems that...








  • Weirdness Bowser Bummed by Skylanders amiibo Tie-in

    GAME store has a cheeky time of it

    Anatomically, Bowser's nose can be considered to have two primary purposes. First, it provides something to breathe through when he has a mouth full of hot, fiery death to spit. Second, its presence keeps him from looking like a total goober. Case in point, one GAME store seems to have come across a Hammer Slam...

  • Video Skylanders Superchargers Wii and Wii U Starter Packs Compared 

    Bowser and DK make their entrances

    Ahead of reviews coming in for Skylanders Superchargers we have a look at how the toys stack up in the home. In particular how the Wii U and Wii starter packs compare to the other console versions. As you can see in these unboxing videos, the kids are more than a little impressed by Bowser and Donkey Kong packs...





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    Wii U

    Review Skylanders Trap Team

    Knaves in Toyland

    As the original ’toys-to-life’ video game concept — inspiring both Disney’s Infinity and Nintendo’s upcoming amiibo line — Skylanders has an impressive legacy to live up to. The series’ first release, Spyro’s Adventure, took the world and characters from the classic Spyro the Dragon games and crafted an enjoyable...




  • Video We Go Hands-On With Skylanders Trap Team At E3 2014

    Caught in a trap

    Before E3 doors opened we had exclusive access to direct capture let's play with Skylanders Trap Team. At the expo the game shows off an array of new characters both trap-able villains and Trap Masters, as well as clarifying how multi-player modes will work. What really stands out past any of this novelty is the work of Toys For...

  • News Here's A First Look At Skylanders Trap Team Villain Buzzer Beak

    Pecking order

    If you're interested in all things Skylanders, then you'll be pleased to know that our friends over at Family Gamer TV have an exclusive reveal of a new Skylanders Trap Team villain Buzzer Beak and his related Air Trap. As you can see, he appears to be inspired from a variety of different animals, with the beak of a toucan and the...




  • Rumour Next Skylanders Title Will Feature Vehicles

    Mega Bloks toy preview spills the beans

    Activision's Skylanders series is one of gaming's most profitable franchises, thanks to its successful formula of fusing interactive entertainment with expensive plastic toys that kids just can't seem to get enough of. The issue for Activision is that it has to come up with ways to keep this concept fresh...


  • News Wii U Skylanders Bundle Deal Heading to GameStop This Weekend

    A tempter for U.S. shoppers

    With the festive shopping season now gone, retailers begin the challenging task of making us all spend even more money, after so many splashed the cash at the end of 2013. GameStop has sounded the New Year retail desperation klaxon with its first run of promotions for 2014, while also declaring this to be the "Year of...



  • Hands On Skylanders: SWAP Force

    We visit Vicarious Visions HQ to check out Skylanders: SWAP Force

    It’s difficult to believe that the Skylanders franchise — a series that has sold millions of copies worldwide and has spawned a multitude of sequels and spin-offs — is only just turning two years old. Since the 2011 release of the series debut, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure,...

  • News 2013 Skylanders Champion Walks Away With All 56 Swap Force Figures

    Quite a prize

    At an event in London’s Olympic Park, James Tubb (9) was crowned Official Skylanders Champion. He not only wins the crown but also every Swap Force figure. Nice haul! The Official Skylanders championships started out in various UK regions in GAME stores. Each of these qualifier events called Skylanders fans to come into the store...




  • First Impressions Skylanders Swap Force

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson goes hands-on at E3

    The head to head nature of Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity meant that E3 was always going to be a show down. With Disney buying up an impressive amount of floor space and advertising, Activision responded with more information, novelty and freebies than we’ve seen for previous Skylanders...

  • Video Exclusive Bronze Hot Dog Skylander Toy Revealed at E3

    Hot stuff

    Activision has a habit of releasing special edition Skylanders toys at big events, and E3 is no exception. Our friends over at Family Gamer TV have been given early access to a figure which is exclusive to this week's big gaming event, and you can see the unboxing below. The figure is a special edition bronze version of Hot Dog, in case...


  • News Wireless Wii Portal Inspires Skylanders Chess Invention

    There's a use for those old Portals of Power after all

    As you will have no doubt read, Skylanders Swap Force will require a new Portal and Starter Pack this year. Family Gamer TV owner and occasional Nintendo Life contributor Andy Robertson asked his kids what they should do with their old Portal of Power, and they came up with a version of Chess...


  • Preview Skylanders Swap Force

    Activision's latest money-spinner takes shape

    As we wrote earlier this week, Activision has announced the next game in the Skylanders series: Swap Force. At the New York event we had a chance to see some early levels of gameplay. What was immediately obvious was the higher fidelity of visuals this time round. With new developer Vicarious Visions...

  • News Activision Announces Skylanders Swap Force For Wii U, Wii And 3DS

    Swap shop

    It seems our intuition was correct - we predicted yesterday that a new Skylanders release was in the offing, and Activision has dropped the bombshell by announcing Skylanders Swap Force, the next instalment in the million-selling series. It's coming to all major Nintendo platforms, too. As the name suggests, the focus of this new range...

  • Rumour Skylanders 3 On The Cards in New York?

    Big announcement incoming?

    After a rather impressive outing with Skylanders Giants on the Wii U, not to mention pretty solid version on the 3DS, Nintendo owners would do well to turn their eyes towards the next iteration of Activision’s profitable family game. You see, Activision has used the New York Toy Fair to announce each Skylanders game,...