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  • News Rising Star Games' New Online Shop Now Open

    No oddly numbered watches available at time of writing

    As part of Rising Star Games' tenth anniversary celebration, the company's own online shop is now open, offering a selection of Rising Star's games and some new merchandise including company logo pins, T-shirts, and mugs. This current selection of products is available as a thank-you to early...



  • News Rising Star Games Is Now Ten Years Old

    Celebrates with new brush logo and a promise

    Hertfordshire-based game publisher Rising Star Games, the “home of Japanese games,” is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. The company’s announcement page features a splashy minute-long montage video and details how Rising Star is celebrating with events and announcements on the tenth of every...


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    Review Hometown Story

    Harvest Merchant

    Released in North America and Japan last year, Hometown Story has now hit European shores at long last, thanks to the efforts of Rising Star Games. You play as a young boy — or girl, if you wish — who takes over a shop in a small town after his grandmother, who previously owned it, passes away. If this sounds in any way similar...


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    Review Beyblade: Evolution

    Worth taking for a spin?

    Despite the original anime TV series coming to an end almost a decade ago, it seems that Beyblade is still very much a thing. It’s curious to think that the concept of pitting spinning top toys against one another would prove so exciting for so many in this technologically enhanced day and age, but then the world...


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    Review Around the World with Hello Kitty and Friends

    Bonjour, Kitty

    Hello Kitty first burst onto the scene in 1974 courtesy of Japanese company Sanrio, which designs and produces products solely aimed at the kawaii – meaning cute in Japanese – section of popular culture in the country. Since then, Hello Kitty has become one of the most recognised and successful brands in the world, appearing on...






  • News Rising Star Games To Open American Office

    Rising in the West

    Popular European publisher Rising Star Games has revealed it's to open an office in California. The company has also formed Rising Star Games Digital, a — wait for it — digital publishing division for the ever-growing download market. RSG hasn't revealed any digital plans for Nintendo formats, but said recently it will continue to release games on Nintendo platforms. Coming..

  • News Rising Star Explains Rune Factory: Oceans Wii No-Show

    "Wasn't on the table"

    Rising Star Games just announced its 2012 line-up, but while it's bringing Rune Factory: Oceans on PlayStation 3 to Europe, Rune Factory: Oceans for Wii is missing from the publisher's slate. We asked product marketing manager Yen Hau why Wii owners in Europe won't be able to continue their Rune Factory adventures. Rising Star Games have always had, and continue to

  • News Rising Star Games Commits to 3DS with Five Games in 2012

    Farming and shifting ahoy

    Rising Star Games just revealed its 2012 line-up for Europe, and it's betting big on Nintendo's glasses-free portable with five 3DS games on the way this year. RSG already announced its plans to release BIT.TRIP SAGA, and is joined by 3D farmer Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns, monochromatic puzzler Shifting World, fishing title Super Black Bass 3D and match-three..

  • Rumour Harvest Moon 3D: Tale of Two Towns Due for PALs

    Ripe for the plucking?

    The Australian Classification board has turned up a rating for Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns. The official rating calls the publisher "RISING STARS", though undoubtedly this refers to Rising Star Games, the publisher responsible for the Harvest Moon brand outside of America and Japan. As HM is Rising Star's biggest series it's highly likely it'll bring the..


  • News Rising Star Games Bringing BIT.TRIP to Europe


    Triumphant compilations BIT.TRIP SAGA and BIT.TRIP COMPLETE are on the way to Europe in 2012, courtesy of Rising Star Games. The publisher — ignoring its "Home of Japanese Games" slogan for just a little while — has confirmed it'll be releasing both compilations across Europe in the first three months of next year. Excellent news for European fans of excellent games. Rising..

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