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  • News Rare's Local Video Game Store Is Closing Its Doors After 24 Years

    The changing nature of games retail claims another victim

    The way we buy games is changing, with digital sales slowly but surely taking over from physical. That means the landscape of games retail is gradually shifting, and all stores - from the big to the small - are feeling the pinch. With that in mind, we're sad to report that UK store Extreme...




  • News More UK Gamers Picked Switch This Year Than Xbox One

    Still way behind the PS4, though

    The Switch's incredible first year has seen the system beat everyone's expectations - including Nintendo's - and stories of sell-outs in North America and Japan are commonplace. One territory where the console is selling somewhat less swiftly is the United Kingdom, which, traditionally-speaking, has never been a...

  • News UK Retail Hails The Positive Impact Of Nintendo Switch

    "Switch has provided a most unexpected shot in the arm this year"

    UK trade publication MCV has been speaking to online and physical video game stores in the region about 2017 in game retail, and unsurprisingly, Switch ranks quite highly as one of the year's highlights. GameSeek’s CEO Stephen Staley states that the Switch launch was the high point...








  • Feature Pay A Visit To Rare's Local Indie Video Game Store

    "They used to come in to buy their latest game to go in their vault"

    The English market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch can chart its history as far back as the 11th century and owes its rather unusual name to the Norman Conquest of England around the same time, when the settlement - then known as plain old Ashby - became the property of the La Zouche...








  • News Nintendo of America Lines Up Some Last Minute Festive Deals

    Hardware! Games! amiibo!

    We're at that point where, if you're still buying festive gifts, you're probably doing it in a bit of a panic. Time is running out to get down to stores or order online, so haste is required. Nintendo of America is keen to help out and snag some late sales, however, setting up and promoting some last minute deals with...




  • News Retailers In North America Merge Wii U & 3DS Library Under One Nintendo Banner

    Here we go!

    With rumours about Nintendo’s next big move already running rife, this latest morsel of information will no doubt add some extra fuel to the fire. Across the US, eagle-eyed individuals have spotted a rather interesting change at local retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, noting the Wii U & 3DS game library sections have been...

  • News ThinkGeek to Open Its First US Store in Florida

    Nintendo merchandise likely to have notable role

    ThinkGeek is one of the better known online retailers that specialises in collectibles and geek-gear, which often has plenty of Nintendo and retro-themed goodies up for sale. It's not exactly unique in the market, of course, but it did take a major step ahead of rivals when it was acquired by GameStop...





  • News Don't Hold Your Breath On Those Marth amiibo Restocks

    Figure reportedly limited to "1 to 2" units per GameStop store

    Marth has always been one of the most sought-after amiibo figures since Nintendo's toys-to-life range launched a while back, but the company has tried to fix the stock situation and promised a new wave of toys towards the end of April. We're now in May and Marth figures have hit North...








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