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  • News Legendary Has Already Begun Work On A Detective Pikachu Sequel


    According to an exclusive on The Hollywood Reporter website, Legendary Entertainment has already begun work on a sequel to the upcoming Pokémon film, Detective Pikachu. The company has reportedly hired Oren Uziel to write the script for the sequel, but his approach to the sequel has not been revealed. Uziel previously worked on films such...





  • Gallery The Pokémon Cafe Is Just Too Cute For Words

    Japan gets all the best stuff

    A few weeks ago we reported on a new Pokémon themed cafe in Tokyo which was due to open later in the month. Now that it's finally open Japanese website gamer.ne.jp paid a visit to check it out, and it certainly looks to be a rather special place indeed. Here are some of the things which caught our eye from the visit...




  • Random See Pikachu Run, Show Impeccable Balance and Skip Rope

    Why wouldn't you want to see that?

    This scribe has a slightly odd obsession with those inflatable Pikachu outfits that are frequently seen in Japan, possibly because of the sad tale of the Pikachu that couldn't dance. Thankfully The Pokémon Company uses them constantly for promotions and marketing, so there are frequent opportunities to see them in...



  • Weirdness The Sad Tale of the Deflating Pikachu That Couldn't Dance

    Destined to deflate

    The internet throws up some weird and wonderful videos, and one spotted by The Verge most definitely qualifies. Posted in late April, it's really a tale of our times, of dreams crushed and destiny unfulfilled. It's about a Pikachu that couldn't dance. At last week's Pokémon World Festival 2017 in South Korea part of the...





  • Feature 1000 Live Pikachu Running Wild in Yokohama

    A look at annual Summer Pokemon events in Japan

    Its the summer of 2016, and the biggest craze going is Pokémon GO! If you've been too busy running around trying to catch em all, you might have missed out on the news of a few other Pokémon related events that are happening over in Japan right now. First up is the Pokemon Riddle Solving Rally...




  • News You Can Now Blow 367 Bucks On A Single Pikachu

    Thanks to German toymaker Steiff

    How much do you love Pokémon star Pikachu? Enough to part with $367, perhaps? You now have the opportunity to prove that because German toymaker Steiff - famed for its hand-made teddy bears - has created what has to be the most expensive Pikachu toy in the world. Priced at 45,000 Yen (US$367), pre-orders for this...




  • News Intern Pikachu is Now Available to Buy in North America

    Cute but crushed by the man

    A while ago we shared a gallery of a cute but slightly sad Pikachu plush, in which the mascot is geared up in a business suit and look-at-me-I'm-a-professional glasses. He even has a little Pokémon briefcase. That was released in Japan earlier in the year, but it's now available to order from the



  • News This 'PikaBoy' Game Boy Color Mod Goes the Extra Mile

    LED cheeks, a tail and feet to stand up

    We sure like retro console mods here at Nintendo Life, as fans take classic systems and apply a neat twist to their design. Nintendo systems are often re-imagined in wonderful ways, and this 'PikaBoy' system is another example. The creator, 'eforie', had the idea in 2011 but made it a reality for...





  • Weirdness This Original Life-Sized Pikachu Needs A Home

    Just don’t break your back lugging this pocket monster about

    Collectibles are a major part of gaming, at least for those that are most enthusiastic. Weighing in at 6kg, the stuffed Pikachu pictured above is a good example being offered by Japanese brand, department and clothing chain, Beams. Due for release in November, local customers have been...

  • Weirdness A Pokémon Fan Broke into the White House Lawn

    The eleventh of September was not the best day to choose

    A presumed fan of the Pokémon series was seen climbing over a security fence into the grounds of the White House in the United States' capital yesterday. The man was wearing a Pikachu hat and t-shirt, but his intentions are completely unknown at the moment. You can see him in the tweets below...



  • News Limited Time Pokémon Center Coming to Paris

    Still no battling in the Eiffel Tower

    It's no secret that the Kalos Region of Pokémon X & Y was inspired by the beauty, culture, and charming professors(?) of France. Now, for a fleeting amount of time, the real country will more closely resemble its virtual counterpart with its own Pokémon Center. As reported by Serebii and posted on the...



  • News Nintendo Files New Pokémon Trademark "Great Detective Pikachu"

    This is a case for Pikachu!

    A short time ago we reported on a new Pikachu-focused Pokémon title that was apparently in development at Game Freak. We then heard that the game would place the player in the role of a detective, with Pikachu acting as a partner who helps solve crimes. We've now heard that Nintendo has filed a trademark in Japan for...



  • News Pocket Pikachu Evolves to Smartwatch Form On Pebble

    Tetris, of course, is also available

    Were you ever playing with your Pocket Pikachu (aka Pokémon Pikachu) in the late ‘90s and thought, “Gee, I wish I was able to wear this on my wrist?” Well honestly, you probably could’ve found some way to attach a band to the thing. But now, thanks to 21st Century technology, you can wear a digitized...


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    Review Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

    Neverending story

    With the Pokémon series nearly ready to celebrate its 18th birthday next year, some of its many spin-offs have become enduring gaming traditions in their own right. The Mystery Dungeon games are a prime example, combining classic roguelike dungeon crawling with the endless appeal of playing as Pokémon, and as the series' first...