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  • Out Now Splatoon Brings Some Colour to the Wii U

    Like Platoon, but less grisly

    It's been eagerly followed since its surprise reveal at E3 2014, and now Nintendo's colourful, creative and chaotic shooter - Splatoon - is in stores. There are already players running around at level 15+, courtesy of a) lots of free time, b) getting the game early through pre-order deliveries or c) a mix of both...

  • News Stretchmo, Known as Fullblox in Europe, is Available Now in North America

    NoA sure stretched out that announcement

    The Nintendo Download update isn't always gospel - today's North American update didn't mention Stretchmo, but it's now available to download for free on the 3DS eShop; it's called Fullblox in Europe and is also available in that region. The latest free-to-play dalliance

  • Out Now Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush

    The drawn out release is here!

    As you may have noticed we've been going kooky for Kirby this week, as the round, pink protagonist's latest adventure, Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush, has finally come to European shores. It's been a few months since the game's North American release, so you may already know quite a bit about it, a game we called "a...


  • Out Today Rune Factory 4 Finally Arrives in Europe

    We dig it

    Today's European Nintendo Download Update is one of the most crowded in recent memory, with six new downloads on 3DS, two on Wii U (including a Virtual Console release) and a ludicrous number of discounts. The most prominent release is arguably Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, so we thought we'd raise a flag for one of the stand-out...


  • Out Today Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Europe)

    Triple the fun

    It's great being a Nintendo fan in Europe these days isn't it? Nowadays we normally get games at the same time as our cousins across the pond. Not so in the case of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, however — how dare NoE make us wait an extra two weeks for the loveable pink puffball? Only teasing, what's a few weeks between friends? Kirby's...



  • Out Now The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

    Hoy, Small Fry!

    The day has finally arrived: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is now available in Europe (and North America) as a physical release! Back in 2003 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker emerged on the GameCube and brought with it a fresh graphical style that divided fans completely. Instead of the traditional design seen in Ocarina...


  • Out Today The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (North America)

    Sailing off with your hard drive space

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is here, if you're happy to download and live in North America. While many of us count the days until 4th October, this HD remaster / remake / whatever you want to call it has docked in the North American eShop ahead of time. It coincides with an official Wii U price cut in...

  • Out Now Rayman Legends (North America)

    It's arm-less fun

    Rayman Legends is released today in North America, and it arrived in Europe on 30th August. Of course, in a perfect world for the Wii U it would have arrived on the system as an exclusive during the launch window, but despite its controversial route to market it is now here, and earning plaudits from writers and gamers around the...


  • Out Now The Cave's Exploration Begins on North American Wii U eShop

    You have to wait until Wednesday, Europe

    It's the first new download-only release on the Wii U eShop in 2013, so we thought we'd remind those of you in North America that The Cave is now available for download in your region — no need to wait for the download update on Thursday. The full game is $14.99, while Europeans will have to pay €12.99 /...


  • Out Now 3DS System Update (Worldwide)

    Get your folders here

    The 3DS system update that adds folder support is available now. To get the update, simply follow these instructions: Make sure your 3DS is charged up or near a charger; it may take a while. Open System Settings — the spanner on your main menu. Select "Other Settings". Scroll to the page furthest to the...


  • Out Now History of Nintendo: Volume 2 - Game & Watch

    Book 'em

    The second instalment in Pix'n Love Publishing's History of Nintendo book series is out today. The 200-page tome looks at the history of the Game & Watch, with reviews of every unit, over 1,500 pictures and exclusive documents too. If you've ever wanted to know more about Nintendo's 1980s portable games, this book should scratch that...


  • News Get a Load of Two Dillon's Rolling Western Trailers

    Cool, armadillio

    Dillon's Rolling Western is out in the eShop now, but if you want to see a bit more of the game before dropping your £9 / €10 / $9.99 we have two new videos from Nintendo. The first is the simple launch trailer while the other gives some useful tips for mastering the game's tower defence leanings. If you've picked the game up yet...

  • Out Today Resident Evil Revelations (North America)

    Someone in the dark

    The first big 3DS title of 2012 hits North America today, as Resident Evil Revelations reaches stores across the continent. It's not just the biggest 3DS game of the year so far, it's one of the best titles to hit the handheld since release, scoring a 9/10 in our Resident Evil Revelations review. Don't forget the game has full...


  • News More Just Dance 3 DLC Available Now

    No Luigi DLC, shockingly

    It's clear that a title is selling in huge numbers when the publisher offers downloadable content (DLC) on the Wii, as Ubisoft did with its Just Dance 3 Mario DLC last year. The trend is set to continue, with owners of the Wii game now having access to two additional DLC packs. The details from the press release are below...


  • Out Now Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games

    Every region has GBA Ambassador games now

    The 3DS Ambassador games are available all across the globe now: after Australians got their free games, lucky gamers across Europe and North America can pick theirs up too now. To download your 10 free games, follow these steps: 1 - Enter the eShop from the 3DS Home Menu.2 - Scroll to the far left and...



  • News Get Ready for KINECTaku!

    Another Nintendo Life venture launches!

    Two months ago we launched Movemodo for PlayStation Move news and reviews, and now it's time to launch the next phase of our plan for world domination: KINECTaku! Focused entirely on Microsoft's new Kinect add-on for Xbox 360, Kinectaku will bring you the same quality coverage you've come to expect from...


  • News Movemodo is Officially Open for Business!

    PlayStation Move site ready to rock your socks

    PlayStation Move is on the horizon, bringing with it a stack of new games and possibilities. Who's going to guide you through the Move minefield and make sure you're the most clued-up Move gamer there is? We are, of course. Movemodo is a new site from the team behind the world-dominating Nintendo Life,...

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