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  • News Nintendo Zone Launched in Europe

    Free content on the go

    The release of Nintendo Zone in Europe has been a slow process, compared to North America, but with today's system update the service is officially available in Wi-Fi Hotspots around the region. Once your 3DS update is complete your handheld will be primed to pick up the service, so if you haven't updated yet, what are you...

  • News Sport Clips Set For a Home Run on Nintendo Zone in U.S.

    Yes, that means baseball, amongst others

    Nintendo Zone is one service specifically set up to encourage you to take your 3DS on the road, with connection spots in a variety of locations around the U.S. It already offers content such as demos and even discount coupons, and the latest offering from Nintendo of America is streamed sports videos...



  • News Nintendo Zone Heading to UK Airports

    It's taking off

    Nintendo UK has confirmed an agreement with the curiously-named Boingo Wireless to provide free Wi-Fi access in a number of major British airports, a move that will also bring Nintendo Zone to the UK for the first time. This is ideal news for jet-setters who fancy a bit of eShop browsing while waiting for their flight. It's important...

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