Nes Zapper - News


  • Random Man Uses Disguised NES Zapper To Rob A Bank

    And has since been arrested

    The NES Zapper was a cool little piece of kit back in the day, allowing gaming fans to use a realistic peripheral to enhance their experiences in titles like Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, and more. As always, though, someone out there has to go and ruin the fun, with one man being caught using the accessory in a shocking...


  • Weirdness The NES Zapper Just Became Much Deadlier

    Controversial custom mod causes outrage online

    As if the United States didn't already have enough problems with accidental shootings, a custom firearms manufacturer in Texas has taken it upon itself to fashion a deadly Glock handgun in the guise of a (normally) harmless NES Zapper. Posting on its Facebook page last week, Precision Syndicate of...


  • Video Teenagers React To Duck Hunt And The Iconic NES Zapper

    “I feel the power within me”

    Not everyone was around to experience the iconic NES Zapper when it was originally released in 1984, so that’s why the latest Teens React video is showcasing Nintendo’s accurate light gun and the all-time NES classic, Duck Hunt. Watch as teens come to the consensus the electronic light gun accessory is actually...


  • News Clever People Turn a NES Zapper Into a Real Laser

    Ducks beware

    We have exciting news for you today, and possibly the most important scientific breakthrough since the wheel: a laser NES Zapper. Some smart — and we hasten to add, safe — people have changed the famous NES accessory from a light gun to a laser gun, and we're not even kidding. After taking the light gun apart and stripping out...