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    RPMii Maker

    Nintendo’s endlessly endearing Mii characters have been one of the most enduring creations of the Wii era; from their earliest days as Wii Sports athletes and player avatars, they’ve gone on to star in StreetPass and Nintendo Land, soar through the air in Pilotwings Resort, race in Mario Kart 8, and even battle it out in Sup


  • News Quirky 3DS RPG Miitopia Lands on 28th July

    Restore the stolen faces of the citizens of Miitopia

    We brought the news earlier this month that the quirky 3DS RPG Miitopia would be getting localised for a Western release, and in today's New 2DS XL unveiling video it was revealed that the quirk RPG will be released on 28th July. It is now listed for $39.99 on Nintendo of America's website and is...

  • News The Quirky Miitopia is Getting Localised to 3DS in the West

    It's all about Mii

    Miitopia is a fascinating game, as it delivers a surprisingly deep and complex RPG with a cast made up in its entirety of Mii characters. The core concept is that you can have the game use your collection of Mii characters, so you can have as bizarre a quest as you like. The good news is that it's not going to be limited to...