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    Put another dime in the jukebox, baby

    In 2005 Guitar Hero sparked a gaming revolution, filling our heads with wicked riffs and our closets with plastic instruments. The series grew from a single act into a full fledged ensemble in a matter of years, invoking various imitators and spin-offs. Eventually players' excitement for rockin' around the clock...

  • Video Watch Our Resident Songsmith Ryan Craddock Rock Out On Guitar Hero Live

    Flawless fret work at EGX 2015

    Those of you in the UK will no doubt be aware that EGX 2015 took place a little while ago, and the Nintendo Life team was in attendance for all four days running tournaments and live events on the Nintendo UK stand. While we were there we also got chance to flex our gaming muscles on Activision's

  • News Guitar Hero Live Brings Out Big Stars for Its Marketing Campaign

    Those without hardcover 'ART' books shouldn't buy this game

    Marketing and branding are often about aspiration - look at the shiny thing and the photogenic people with the shiny thing, and look at their amazing living room. Nintendo and many game companies follow this 'how to advertise a game 101', and Activision is no different with its efforts for...