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  • News Here's Your Next Helping Of Guitar Hero Live Tracks

    A mix of old and new

    Activision has released the next set of songs for its forthcoming music title, Guitar Hero Live. This week's helping includes shock rock outfit Marilyn Manson, newcomers Royal Blood and veteran outfit the Deftones. Here's this week's list: Royal Blood "Little Monster" Marilyn Manson "Disposable Teens" Killswitch Engage "In...

  • News Newly Confirmed Guitar Hero Live Tracks Bring The Spandex And Poodle Perms

    "Got any Priest, mate?"

    Activision is releasing the full track list for its forthcoming Guitar Hero Live in batches, and it has just announced the second helping of songs. While some fans expressed disappointment at the first drop, this week's offering should get classic rock fans more excited as it includes Pantera, Rage Against the Machine and...




  • News The DS Gets Some Guitar Hero Love!

    Popular series Guitar Hero is making it's way to the DS, complete with it's own over-the-top peripheral. Well it wouldn't be Guitar Hero without it.

    We'd heard rumours of a DS Guitar Hero here at NintendoLife but we never quite understood how it would work. Would you have to plug-in some kind of miniature guitar controller or would it play similar to Jam Sessions? The answer is no. We're going to..

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