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  • Video Sonic Colours Has Some of the Coolest Glitches

    Blurring the lines

    We know the popular narrative for some is to say that Sonic's been in a rut and had a bad run of games, but recent years have brought some solid entries. Sonic Colours / Sonic Colors certainly qualifies as one of the better releases in the past couple of generations, blending 2D and 3D play with some neat twists and power-ups. In...




  • News Max Your Rupees With This Fortuitous Hyrule Warriors Glitch

    Hip, hip, Rupee!

    Every Zelda fan knows you can never have enough Rupees, and thanks to a glitch discovered in the recent Wii U title Hyrule Warriors, it's now possible to get your hands on as much of that shiny currency as you could possibly want. At first, it was believed that the glitch was entirely random, but dedicated players have narrowed...

  • Video Defy Gravity With These Sonic Lost World Glitches

    Forever falling

    While life's a little tough for Sonic fans at the moment - including this writer - it's worth remembering that this generation of Nintendo hardware has (arguably) delivered a decent game with the blue blur. We're referring, of course, to Wii U exclusive Sonic Lost World - there's also a 3DS game that isn't as good - which has some...



  • Talking Point Using Glitches - Cheating or Clever Gaming?

    Everyone stay calm

    This week game cheats have been in the news. We learnt about the origins of the Konami Code and, controversially, that Nintendo has no plans to fix Mario Kart 7’s Maka Waku glitch. All this talk of codes, shortcuts and glitches got us thinking about the morality of these gaming quirks: when is it acceptable to take advantage of...


  • News Did Nintendo Secretly Patch The Conduit?

    Spawning glitch reportedly a non-issue after System Menu 4.2 update

    Players of High Voltage Software's online FPS The Conduit are familiar with this scenario: after waiting up to five minutes to connect to a new multiplayer game, you'd spawn seemingly into a wall and not be able to do anything, not even leave the game without shutting down the console. It was one of those bugs that was as endlessly..