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  • News Isaiah Triforce Johnson Grabs First Wii U at Launch Event

    Reunited with his old pal Reggie

    To join in with all of the hubbub of North American gamers picking up Wii U systems today, Nintendo has sent out some pictures of the midnight launch event in New York for us to enjoy. As the headline makes clear, Isaiah Triforce Johnson was on hand with his trusty Power Glove to seize the honour, once again, of...

  • News CyberConnect2 Confirm Interest In Solatorobo Sequel

    The quest for a new adventure has begun

    CyberConnect2 boss Hiroshi Matsuyama has revealed at a Namco Bandai event in Barcelona that his company would love to do a sequel to Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. Matsuyama was questioned about the possibility of a sequel, in which he expressed his desire for a new title and confirmed that they are already...


  • News How Did Nintendo Do At This Year's Golden Joystick Awards?

    Not so good, to be honest...

    The 30th hmv GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards were held yesterday afternoon in London; with over four million votes cast, eighteen awards presented and a fountain of tears shed. This year, Nintendo had eleven games nominated across seven categories, but unfortunately failed to secure any awards. The Elder Scrolls V:...

  • Events Nintendo Gala at the 56th BFI London Film Festival

    Nintendo Life takes to the red carpet

    It was a big night at the 56th BFI London Film Festival on Monday, as the much-anticipated Nintendo Gala took place at Odeon West End in Leicester Square. Hundreds of film critics, movie experts and even games journalists descended upon the renowned movie theatre to attend the premiere of Wayne Blair’s The...

  • Events Play Expo - A Day of Bitmaps, Digital Sumos, Wii U and Pac-Man Vs. Ghosts

    When gamers come together

    It was upon arriving at Eccles train station, ready for Play Expo and briskly navigating a muggy mist lurking over the Manchester Ship Canal, when we contemplated if the UK’s weather had decided to skip autumn altogether and engulf us in this mid-October Sunday with a winter chill. However, within the space of an hour...

  • News Pokémon Video Game Autumn Regional Championship Details For North America

    Your journey to Victory Road begins this weekend

    It's just a little over a week since Pokémon Black & White 2 released across the US, and already the Pokémon Video Game Regional Championships will take place this weekend. That's right fellow trainers, the Championships begin in North America this Sunday, October 14th. The Autumn Regionals are...

  • News Amazing Nintendo School Homecoming Restores Faith in US Education System

    Learning with friends

    We've seen some cool School Homecoming ideas in the past, but this one probably tops them all. A Reddit user by the name of coonster has posted up some photos of the Nintendo-themed homecoming at his place of education, complete with references to Starfox, Pokémon and - of course - Super Mario. You can check out the full...

  • Feature EB Expo 2012 Nintendo Booth Impressions

    Get N or Get Out

    As you may have noticed over the past few days, we have been posting our impressions of games that were available to play at the recent EB Expo. We've also got some impressions for you of Nintendo's impressive booth itself. Throughout the weekend, the line to get into the Nintendo booth was one of the longest. The line moved at a...

  • News Super Mario 3D Land Shortlisted for GameCity Prize

    Probably won't win though

    A squirreled-away secret panel has whittled down a long-list of 18 games to a shortlist of just seven for this year's GameCity Prize. The GameCity Prize was launched as part of GameCity6 in October 2011. Minecraft, the open world building title and phenomenal success from Mojang founder Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, was the...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Favourite Eurogamer Expo 2012 Moments

    Magic moments

    Eurogamer Expo 2012 has sadly come to a close, but if you've been following our photo stream you might have gathered that the Nintendo Life team had a rather lovely time indeed. We hosted our own StreetPass Zone and chatted to a lot of people (and lost our voices in the process in Damien's case); Push Square's Sammy Barker stormed...


  • Feature Lessons From a Gaming Expo

    A rite of passage

    For many gamers, this hobby of ours is about more than just buying and playing games, but also about hitting up expos, which are havens of gaming and related shenanigans. We’ve spent the past few days soaking up the sights and sounds at the Eurogamer Expo in London, and we’ve had some important gaming life lessons reaffirmed in...

  • Events Photos From The Eurogamer Expo 2012 Show Floor

    Your visual guide to the UK's biggest gaming event

    Just in case you didn't know, the Eurogamer Expo is currently running at full force in London. Nintendo Life is an official media partner for the event, and even has its own StreetPass Zone where 3DS users can meet up, engage in a spot of light gaming and generally have a chat. We'll be posting...

  • News Nintendo Australia Brings Wii U to EB Games Expo 2012

    Nintendo, Ubisoft, THQ and SEGA join Warner Bros.

    Following yesterday's reveal that Warner Bros. will be bringing the Wii U to the EB Expo in Sydney in just over a week, we have now learned that it's not the only publisher coming to the party. Nintendo of Australia has announced today that it will also introduce the Wii U to the Australian audience...

  • News Wii U Will Be Playable At EB Expo 2012 In Sydney

    Warner Bros. Interactive showcasing their Wii U offerings

    You may recall that we reported last week that the EB Expo - set in Sydney in just over a week's time - will feature Pokemon Black and White 2 as the only playable title on a Nintendo system. However, we've since received some wonderful news from Joel Graham, Warner Bros. Interactive...

  • Events Nintendo Life Is Coming to Eurogamer Expo 2012

    Win a Wii U, plus much more

    You might have noticed that we've been getting increasingly excited about this year's Eurogamer Expo, which is due to start tomorrow in London. The reasons are legion; it's going to be the first public UK showing of Nintendo's Wii U console where you can get your hands on Pikmin 3, ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros U...

  • News Eurogamer Expo 2012 To Host Exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Dev Session

    Treyarch designer due to talk about forthcoming FPS epic

    Just in case you weren't excited enough about the impending release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, UK site Eurogamer has confirmed that Treyarch game design director David Vonderhaar will be holding a developer session at this year's Eurogamer Expo. The session will take place at...

  • News More Playable Titles Announced for EB Games Expo Sydney 2012

    Pokemon Black & White 2 playable, special appearances announced

    The team at EB Games Australia has announced the next string of playable games and presentations that can be experienced at its October expo in Sydney. We can't help but feel the event still needs a bit of Wii U in there, however, as only Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 has been confirmed...

  • Competition Win The Chance To Attend The Wii U Experience in LA

    You could be one of the first people to get your hands on Nintendo's new console

    UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Thanks for your entries, we'll be in touch shortly! Nintendo of America is hosting a series of Wii U Experience events around North America this year, allowing gamers to get to grips with the upcoming Wii U console. To celebrate...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Today! Again!

    Race or battle, you choose

    This week's been dominated by Wii U, with plenty of news, footage and excitement for Nintendo gamers. After all of the hype we need to relax, kick back, and go shell-crazy in Mario Kart 7, of course. We want to do this with you, so today is the second Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 Community Event; this time, it's serious...

  • News Nintendo Confirms UK Wii U Showcase Tour

    Your chance to go hands-on

    With the Wii U launch only two-and-a-half months away, Nintendo UK has today confirmed details for the Wii U showcase tour. It'll take in 13 events, appearing first at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 and then at a variety of different shopping centres and venues. The tour will give you the chance to try out New Super Mario Bros...

  • News Wii U Will Be Playable At Eurogamer Expo 2012

    Be one of the first people in the UK to experience Nintendo's new system

    It has been confirmed that the Nintendo Wii U will be playable at this year's Eurogamer Expo, which is due to take place from the 27th to the 30th of September (that's only two weeks away). The UK's biggest gaming-related event, Eurogamer Expo is open to the public and will...

  • News Your Japanese Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview Translation Awaits

    Breaking the language barrier

    This morning, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata held a special Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview. It was, as you might expect, conducted entirely in Japanese. With this in mind, we're here to provide a comprehensive rundown on everything that was revealed during the broadcast, as well as an idea of the message that Iwata was...

  • News Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Appears At NYC Wii U Event

    Wii U's worst kept secret

    What we've known for quite some time has been confirmed today - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is coming to the Wii U. That's according to an image posted by Joystiq from today's NYC Wii U presentation, anyway. Can't see how anyone would have the time (or the inclination) to fake such a photo, so what we have here is pretty...

  • News Watch the Japanese Wii U Announcement Here

    And we're off

    And so it begins, the first event of this Wii U preview day. It all starts in Japan, appropriately, and this presentation is only set to last 20 minutes. We expect basic details in this one, such as the hardware price, release date, maybe Miiverse info and the possibility of bundled software like Nintendo Land. It'll also be in...

  • News Nintendo UK Calls a Race For The Fastest Mario Kart 7 Players

    Lights are green

    Nintendo UK has been encouraging gamers to play a lot of Mario Kart 7 recently, with a number of heats completed in the quest to find Britain's Fastest Family. It's now confirmed that the grand final of that contest, 27th October in Birmingham, will be combined with the final of a new event to find the "Best Mario Kart 7 Player in...

  • News Japanese "Wii U Launch Presentation" Confirmed

    First out of the gate

    Nintendo has announced today that there will be a Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast on Thursday, making the Wii U reveal a truly global endeavour. As Japan is Nintendo's homeland, it's hardly surprising that it'll be the earliest announcement of the lot, with the system's price and launch date promised. The broadcast has been...

  • Rumour You Will Be Able To Preorder Wii U At GameStop This Thursday

    Retailer is going big on Nintendo's new machine

    We all know that Thursday's presentation is going to be related to the Wii U, with the most likely scenario being a launch date reveal and pricing details. To add a little more spice to this speculation, GoNintendo has reported that several readers have gotten in touch to report on various goings-on at...

  • News "Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview" Confirmed For 13th September

    Satoru Shibata invites you to watch a special presentation this Thursday

    With all eyes on Nintendo's New York presentation this Thursday, the company's European arm has taken the chance to claw back a bit of the limelight. It has been confirmed that Nintendo Europe will host a Nintendo Direct presentation at 3pm UK time (that's 4pm CEST for those...

  • News Mythical Pokémon Genesect to be Distributed to Black & White 2 Early Birds

    Worth it for the Techno Blast move

    Pokémaniacs all around the world now have only a month to wait until Pokémon Black & White 2 hits stores in North America and Europe, as well as some AR zapping fun with Pokémon Dream Radar on the same date. Nintendo is upping the ante further to encourage early adopters of the DS sequel, through a Wi-Fi...

  • News Many Happy Returns, Final Fantasy - You're 25 This Year

    A quarter century of turn-based bliss

    Square Enix's world famous Final Fantasy series celebrates its 25th birthday this year. What started life as a last-ditch attempt by series founder Hironobu Sakaguchi to make a success of his then-flagging career in the video game industry - hence the title of the game - Final Fantasy has gone on to sell over...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 Community Rooms - You Decide

    Let's go round again

    A week ago we hosted a Mario Kart 7 community event, where you joined us for some shell throwing, banana dodging mayhem. The community room we used expanded from four players to over 180 by the end of the night, and we loved racing against you all and chatting in the comments and on our Twitter page. Naturally, this isn't going...

  • News New Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Tour Dates Are Music to Our Ears

    Fresh North American dates confirmed

    Nintendo has confirmed more North American dates for its successful The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Tour. To mark the occasion, the Nintendo World store in New York is hosting a series of special events on Friday 14th September, including the chance to pose with Zelda cosplayer Li "PikminLink"...

  • News EB Games Confirm Playable Titles at 2012 Aussie Expo

    Could Wii U make an appearance?

    As some of you may or may not already know, EB Games will be hosting its second EB Expo in October this year in Sydney, Australia, where it will showcase many new and upcoming titles. Today, the company has confirmed a list of playable games for the event. Unfortunately, Nintendo have only confirmed Pokemon Black 2...

  • News Kirby Fans Suck Up World Record At Pax

    The Pink One must be proud

    A little over a week ago we told you about Nintendo's plans to set a new Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous chewing gum bubbles blown at once. Taking place at PAX Prime, we had little doubt that the big N would find enough people to break the old record of 304, but would the inspiration of Kirby be enough to...


  • News Pokémon Hits North American Cyber League Summer Showdown

    Over $5,000 in prize money up for grabs

    Pokémon Black and White has been added to the roster of games at this year's North American Cyber League Summer Showdown, due to take place on Saturday September 8th at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The tournament has a $10 admission fee (to cover the cost of hiring the venue), with an...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Today!

    Start your engines

    Once upon a time Nintendo Life set up Communities in Mario Kart 7, and these rooms were full of happy 3DS owners enjoying some online races. The passage of time was cruel, however, and the official community room became almost empty, with just a few stalwarts keeping it going and some keen racers meeting up via the forums. We've...

  • News Nintendo Taking No Prisoners At PAX Prime

    Wii U and 3DS presence, plus bubble-blowing and Kid Icarus multiplayer

    Nintendo has confirmed that it is bringing its Wii U and 3DS lineup to this year's PAX Prime, due to take place at Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center from August 31st through to September 2nd. A whole raft of games and events are planned, including a Kid Icarus:...

  • News Nintendo Plans to Blow Away World Record in Honour of Kirby

    Forever blowing bubbles

    Celebrating anniversaries can be a tricky business: how do you do it? You can buy a nice cake, a bottle of champagne, or perhaps a nice bunch of flowers. Alternatively, if you're Nintendo celebrating Kirby's 20th anniversary with Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, you also arrange to try and break the world record for...

  • News Nintendo In The Game For Golden Joystick Awards

    Your votes can help

    It's awards season, once again, with nominations for the 30th Golden Joystick Awards now confirmed and Nintendo games or exclusives featuring in a number of categories. These awards are decided entirely by the public, so if you feel that the big N deserves a chance to win you can have your say. Below are the nominations for...

  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Contest is in The Final Straight

    The last chance to qualify

    In recent weeks we've brought you regular updates on Nintendo UK's Fastest Family competition, which aims to seek out the quickest Mario Kart 7 racers from around the country. Throughout August regional heats have been taking place at HMV stores, with the winners securing a place in the grand final in October; there'll be...

  • News Pick Up Keldeo For Free in Pokémon Giveaway

    Off to the shops with you

    Pokémon Black and White 2 is getting ever closer, and we can expect the hype machine to continue kicking into gear. One tactic seems to be to remind you that you should really still be playing the original Pokémon Black and White, and one way to get you back into the action is to run a legendary 'mon giveaway. Between...

  • News Nintendo UK's 3D Film Contest Approaches Its Finale

    Budding film-makers need look no further

    Not long ago we brought you news about a competition being run by Nintendo and BFI (British Film Institute), with support from Ridley Scott, to give 3DS owners an opportunity to produce and show a professional 3D production at the 56th BFI London Film Festival in October. With this weekend also bringing a...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. 2 Takes Over GAME Store In London


    If you happened to be around GAME Oxford Street in London today, you may have noticed the increased presence of a certain friendly — and recently gold-hungry — plumber. Don't worry if you missed out, though, as the madness is due to continue tomorrow. Nintendo UK has announced that an exclusive New Super Mario Bros. 2 gaming event will be...

  • News Pokémon World Championships Results Are In

    All hail Trainer Rizzo

    After worldwide heats and the occasional unpleasant controversy, the Pokémon World Championships finals have taken place in Hawaii, with a new group of champions securing a prestigious trophy and scholarship prizes. With over 30 countries represented, it was undoubtedly a hard-fought contest, with six division champions...

  • Talking Point Why is Nintendo Not at Gamescom?


    One of the biggest gaming events in Europe and Nintendo is nowhere to be seen, but why? Over the years the company has had a somewhat sporadic attendance of events, often speculated within the media: a strength of character and desire to do its own thing, or perhaps it's due to a lack of games to show. This year is important for Nintendo,...

  • News Ridley Scott Wants 3DS Owners To Follow In His Footsteps

    Director of Blade Runner is backing new joint venture by Nintendo and the BFI

    Nintendo and the British Film Institute (BFI for short) have joined forces to create A Vision in 3D — a ground-breaking initiative to get Nintendo 3DS owners making movies with their consoles, with the central theme being "British Summer 2012". Expect a large proportion...

  • News Meet Founder of WayForward at Free Event on 18th August

    Voldi Way returns for 4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends

    We reported on this excellent event last year, and wouldn't you believe the 4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends at Westwood College in Anaheim, CA is almost upon us — which makes this a ripe time to bring it to your attention once again. The event will take place on Saturday,...

  • News Hideo Kojima To Infiltrate Eurogamer Expo Developer Session

    UK's largest video game show will also feature every Metal Gear game

    Eurogamer has confirmed that legendary game developer Hideo Kojima will be making a special appearance at this year's Eurogamer Expo to deliver a developer session and celebrate 25 years of Tactical Espionage Action. Kojima will be speaking on the opening day of the expo, which is...

  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Competition Hits The Road

    UK contest teams up with HMV

    You may have been aware in recent weeks of Nintendo's build up for its Mario Kart 7 Fastest Family contest in the UK, with celebrity Rufus Hound starring in videos to advertise the event. For those interested in entering with their families, the time to put that practice to good use has finally arrived. Nintendo has...


  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Video Gets Serious

    Real life weapons

    Not long ago we brought you a video with UK celebrity Rufus Hound, which was a promo for the Mario Kart 7 "Fastest Family" competition. With regional heats due to start in August, and with a real car and coveted Leaf Cup at stake, the latest video has one simple message: get training. As you can see in the footage below some...

  • News Eurogamer Expo 2012 Expecting Sell-out Crowd

    20,000 tickets sold to date

    The UK's premier consumer game show, Eurogamer Expo, returns to London's Earls Court from 27th-30th September 2012 and is expected to welcome over 50,000 gamers through its doors. With over two months until the show starts have reported current ticket sales in excess of 20,000 ahead of forecasts based on...

  • News Nintendo Unleashed Hits Manchester on 21st July

    Going large

    Over the past few months Nintendo has been travelling around the UK to share upcoming games to eager gamers, and it's set to keep up the pace this weekend. It's been confirmed that Nintendo will have a stand at the Manchester Comic Con event this weekend, or Saturday 21st July to be precise, at which it'll show off both shiny new...

  • News Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Whips into Eurogamer Expo

    Bump in the day

    Much-anticipated 3DS action game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be playable at this year's Eurogamer Expo in London. Konami's portable vampire-basher joins other high-profile games on the showfloor from 27th to 30th September at London's Earls Court. If you want to learn more about the Belmont's next challenge...

  • Feature Another Dimension Opening Night

    Nintendo warps into trendy East London

    Nintendo continues to find ways of expanding the reach of 3DS to new audiences with events such as this month’s UK photo competition Another Dimension, which saw a group of photography enthusiasts get to grips with 3D picture-taking using the system in organised field trips hosted by a wide range of...

  • News 3DS XL and Upcoming Titles Head to Comic-Con

    Mario and more

    Nintendo will once again show off new games and hardware at Comic-Con International in San Diego this weekend. From 12th to 15th July attendees can try the new 3DS XL and upcoming titles like New Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Mirror of Fate. There'll be no Wii U presence there,...


  • News Try New Super Mario Bros. 2 at Games Britannia Next Week

    Go for gold

    UK video game celebration Games Britannia will be the first opportunity for fans to try out New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo is bringing the platformer to Sheffield next week as part of its Nintendo Unleashed tour, alongside Kid Icarus: Uprising and 'quirky' (to say the least) Wii title Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise...

  • News Masahiro Sakurai Steps Up as Keynote Speaker at CEDEC

    Talking about video games, presumably

    Masahiro Sakurai has gained a reputation as the go-to man for some of Nintendo's key franchises that don't necessarily have Mario in the title. As a young employee at Nintendo he created Kirby, and has also masterminded the three entries in the Super Smash Bros. series, while also taking on the upcoming Wii U...

  • News Watch the European Nintendo Direct Here

    Pull up a chair and stay a while!

    Nintendo of Europe will host a new Nintendo Direct presentation today at 5am UK time/6am Central European time. The video will focus on 3DS, DS and Wii and will feature announcements and content specifically tailored for Europe. It's hosted by Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata. Yes, we know it's early...

  • News Catch the North American Nintendo Direct Live Here

    Updated with live video!

    Kicking off at 9pm Pacific and 12 midnight Eastern tonight is a Nintendo Direct presentation all about 3DS, DS and Wii. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is once again in the host's chair. You can keep up with all the live happenings right here in our live blog hosted by Nintendo Life editor James Newton. It's...

  • News Fifth Mario Marathon Fundraiser Set for 22nd June

    All for the Child's Play Charity

    There are millions of gamers who enjoy playing Mario games, whether it's the NES classics or the latest titles on Wii and 3DS. The world-famous plumber is also the inspiration for Mario Marathon 5, a webcast taking place this Friday to raise money for the Child's Play charity. This event has enjoyed success in its...

  • News Nintendo Takes Unleashed Tour to Manchester

    Grin up north

    Nintendo UK's Unleashed bandwagon rolls through Sheffield in July, but it's also trekking across the Pennines to take in Manchester this October. On 13th and 14th October, UK fans will be able to sample upcoming and recently released Nintendo titles at the Play Expo in Manchester's EventCity. Neither Nintendo nor event hosts Replay...

  • News Mario Kart 7 Goes on the Road with Big Time Rush

    Mario on tour

    Nintendo of America has certainly shown a willingness to team up with others to spread awareness of the major 3DS game releases, taking Mario Tennis Open on a tour with the USTA for example. More 3DS systems are preparing to hit the road in the latest partnership, with Mario Kart 7 joining Nickelodeon’s Big Time Summer Tour. This...

  • E3 2012 Nintendo's 3DS Software Showcase Live

    What will we see?

    Nintendo's hosting a 3DS software showcase to spend more time talking about its range of upcoming 3DS games. And you know what? We're going to be covering it live right on this very page. It all kicks off at 6pm Pacific — that's 9pm Eastern and 2am UK time. Don't forget the comments will automatically refresh so kick back,...

  • E3 2012 Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube Confirmed for Wii U

    'Revolutionising your TV'

    Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube will all feature on Wii U, picking up on the progress started on Wii. It's part of a philosophy to make media and social resources available and accessible on the new system. Looking beyond these three, this suggests that custom apps may become an important...

  • E3 2012 Watch the Nintendo Press Conference Live Here

    It's nearly time

    The most exciting day of the gaming year is nearly upon us. Nintendo's E3 2012 press conference kicks off on Tuesday 5th June. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you'll be able to watch the whole show right here, so bookmark this page and come back on Tuesday. Can't say fairer than that, can you? If you can't watch ustream for...

  • News Nintendo Unleashed Joins Games Britannia in July

    Get thee to Sheffield

    It's not often games events venture north of Watford, so it's very good news that the Nintendo Unleashed tour is joining Sheffield event Games Britannia. Nintendo UK will be bringing recent and upcoming releases to Sheffield's Magna Science Adventure Centre on 7th and 8th July. The Big N joins other industry forces like Namco...


  • News UK 3D Photography Fans to Enter Another Dimension

    It's a competition you see

    Nintendo UK just announced a new 3D photography initiative called Another Dimension, heading to the UK from next week. Interested 3DS owners can head out on special photography field trips with celebrities, like pop group The Saturdays or bird-botherer Bill Oddie, with their 3D snaps displayed as part of an installation...

  • News We'll Learn New Monster Hunter 4 Details Next Month

    Get ready for a tail spin

    Last year's revelation of 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter 4 was a big moment, but since then we haven't heard much more about Capcom's inevitably monstrous hit. Well, that'll end at the end of June, when the publisher releases more details at a Japanese event. Capcom Summer Jam takes place in Tokyo from 30th June to 1st July...

  • News Play Upcoming Nintendo Titles at MCM Expo

    Prepare to dance

    This weekend's MCM Expo will give UK Nintendo fans the chance to play some upcoming titles for 3DS and Wii for the first time. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise are the headliners, but there's also Heroes of Ruin, Mario Tennis Open and

  • News Scour the UK for Mario Tennis Open Yoshi QR Codes

    Smash and grab

    Mario Tennis Open launches in the UK next week, and Nintendo is launching a nationwide treasure hunt for you to grab multicoloured Yoshis. On 25th and 26th May select Asda stores will give away the Black Yoshi via a special in-store QR code: scan it with your 3DS and Black Yoshi is yours to keep. Nintendo will release white, blue and...

  • News This Rhythm Thief Concert is Seriously Groovy

    Feel the beat

    Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure is a title perfectly suited to 3DS, with its numerous bite-size rhythm levels and quirky humour, and is definitive proof that SEGA can still give us fun games. One of its best features is the funky and toe-tapping soundtrack, so we were pretty pleased when we discovered this footage of a music...

  • News Nintendo and USTA Team Up for Some Tennis Doubles

    Going on a U.S. tour

    The upcoming launch of Mario Tennis Open is coinciding with the start of summer, warm days and the prospect of taking to the courts in real life. It's also launching at the same time as the USTA SmashZone Mobile Tour, which encourages young people to try the sport; so a doubles team has naturally followed. The SmashZone tour is...

  • News Organise a Big Kid Icarus Event, Win Prizes

    Nintendo lays down shiny gauntlets

    Every time Nintendo announces an event somewhere in the world, the response is always the same: "why couldn't it be where I live?" That won't be a problem on 19th May, as Nintendo is encouraging fans all over the world to hold their own events for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Designating 19th May as...

  • News SEGA Won't Be Attending Gamescom

    Joins Nintendo as major absentee

    Gamescom is Europe's equivalent to E3, the biggest consumer and trade show for video games in the region. It's set to take place in Cologne, Germany from 15-19th August, though it will do so without two of the biggest names in the industry. Nintendo has already confirmed that it won't be attending this year, instead...

  • News Mario Bros. Battle Marathon to Raise Money for Charity


    Mario marathons are nothing new, but this weekend sees an oft-overlooked entry in the franchise take centre stage — and all for charity. The Bro-Off puts Mario Bros. front and centre, with four world class players battling simultaneously to set a new world record. It all kicks off tomorrow at 12 midday Eastern (9am Pacific, 5pm UK, 6pm...

  • News Dress Up and Win at Kid Icarus Event

    Even if you don't go you can still dress up

    Nintendo UK is currently in the middle of a Kid Icarus: Uprising event tour, giving plucky gamers a chance to take on a 'battle squad' of professional gamers in multiplayer. Participants at the first event at HMV Oxford Circus in London received limited edition posters, while those who triumphed over the...

  • News GameCity Returns On 20th October with "World's Best School"

    Learn a trade

    Video games celebration GameCity returns to Nottingham, UK this year on 20th October with a host of big names and ambitious initiatives. GameCity director Iain Simons, councillor Nick McDonald and Eidos life president Ian Livingstone OBE all took to the stage to explain their vision for this year's festival, which for the first time...

  • News Zelda Concert Tour Returns to North America

    The quest for tickets begins

    The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tour, organised to celebrate 25 years of the franchise, got into full swing in Dallas on 10th January. After the initial run of concerts we were promised additional events, and these are now confirmed. A range of new concerts have emerged on, with...


  • News Take On Kid Icarus Multiplayer Masters at HMV Stores

    Consoles up for grabs

    Can't get enough of that wonderful Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer? Get thee to a select HMV store and take on Nintendo's team of crack players, and you could win a set of AR cards. The participating stores are: hmv Oxford Circus – Saturday 28th Aprilhmv Reading Oracle – Saturday 5th Mayhmv Birmingham Bullring – Saturday...

  • News Going to PAX East? Come Say Hello!

    Corner a panda

    If you're heading to PAX East this Friday or Saturday, make sure you keep your eyes open for our man on the ground, Jon Wahlgren. The panda himself will be on the show floor on Friday and Saturday, proudly decked out in a Nintendo Life t-shirt. Not only will Jon be happy to pose for photographs, sign autographs and bless your child,...

  • News Nintendo UK Unleashes 2012 Tour Dates

    Try before you buy

    It's that time of year when Nintendo takes its wares on the road across the UK, with the first three events dated. Visitors to the tour can try out Mario Tennis Open, battle and trade AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising and play Pandora's Tower. The first three people into the show — steady on, Nintendo — will each take home a...

  • News Nintendo Reveals Playable PAX East Line-Up

    Anyone for tennis?

    PAX East is just a few short days away, and Nintendo of America has revealed the games attendees can get to grips with in Boston this weekend. Kid Icarus: Uprising players eager to expand their AR card collection might want to head to the show as there'll be a scavenger hunt and the ability to trade, share and collect new cards...


  • News Spirit Camera Event Set to Haunt San Francisco

    Scares and snacks in one place

    Nintendo of America likes to run preview events for upcoming releases, but the latest has us intrigued. Taking place tonight at 9pm, and for over-18s only, is an event to promote Spirit Camera: the Cursed Memoir, a horror game that apparently makes full use of the 3DS' camera and AR (augmented reality) capabilities. If...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Tournament Final Announced

    Get ready to face the light

    With its local and worldwide multiplayer mode, Kid Icarus: Uprising is another Nintendo game perfectly suited to competitive play. As part of the promotion for the release, Nintendo of America has been running regional tournaments for lucky winners to receive a paid trip to a National Championship in New York: we've...

  • News UK PokéPark Treasure Hunt Set for Saturday

    Toys 'r' you

    PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond launches in Europe this week, and Nintendo UK is kicking off the party with a treasure hunt this Saturday. The Toys 'R' Us store at Brents Cross will host the expedition on 24th March, starting at 10am. Be one of the first 25 people to find toys of the game's four playable Pokémon — that's Oshawott, Tepig,...

  • News Catch the BAFTA Awards Live Stream Tonight

    Will Zelda or Mario win?

    Tonight you can watch the 2012 GAME British Academy Video Game Awards live online through the magic of streaming. Zelda and Mario are up for multiple BAFTA awards and you can see how they get on over at the BAFTA website. The event starts at 9pm UK time — that's 10pm CET, 4pm Eastern and 1pm Pacific. Here's the full list...

  • News A Kid Icarus Tournament Winner Is Draenmhar

    First past the post

    Nintendo of America's nationwide Kid Icarus: Uprising tournament kicked off in San Francisco yesterday, with the mysteriously-named Draenmhar D. emerging victorious in the heat to win a trip to New York for the final. As you can see in his photo here he's pretty pleased with his victory, but one thing bothers us Draenmhar: why...

  • News Junction Point Holding "Epic" Event on 27th March

    What could it be?!

    After months of speculation, rumour and cat-out-of-bag-letting, it seems Junction Point is finally ready to lift the lid on Disney Epic Mickey 2. The developer has scheduled a press event for 27th March, saying nothing more than it will reveal an "epic project". Late last year a Disney newsletter mentioned Epic Mickey 2,...

  • News Pokémon Champion Stripped of Title After Hotel Incident

    Update: Puig tells his side

    After the unsavoury hotel incident at the Pokémon Video Game Championships this past weekend, it seems Masters champion Rubén Puig Lecegui has had his title taken off him. Puig was allegedly involved in the incident that threatened to overshadow the tournament, and although he emerged victorious in his division the...

  • News UK Pokémon Video Game Champions Crowned

    The very best

    Putting aside the nonsense from the weekend, here are the three young trainers who emerged victorious from the UK Pokémon Video Game Championships. Rubén Puig Lecegui successfully defended his title in the Masters Division, which includes anyone born in or before 1996. Last year Puig lost in the semi-final to reigning world champion...

  • News Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Celebrates Japanese Launch at Hooters

    Where else?

    Here at Nintendo Life we often attend or read news of launch events, some of them quirky and full of character. The Japanese press reception to celebrate the release of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, however, may have seized the crown for the most unusual launch party yet. As reported by Andriasang, game journalists in Japan attended...


  • News Nintendo and Radio Disney Team Up for Mario Party... Party

    What else?

    Nintendo of America is preparing a big bash for Mario Party 9, joining up with Radio Disney and Big Brothers Big Sisters for its New York launch shindig on 9th March, two days ahead of the game's official release. Four fortunate Radio Disney 1560 AM listeners will win entry to the event so they can "party with Mario and Luigi"...

  • News Catch a Shiny Pokémon at the National Championships

    Everyone's a winner

    For some of you, the tease from Pokémon director Junichi Masuda will be enough to get your juices flowing. In the world of Pokémon, however, there is very often even more to get you excited. The Pokémon Company International has today released a press statement offering the opportunity for competitors at the 2012 Pokémon...

  • Feature Hironobu Sakaguchi's BAFTA Presentation

    Final Fantasy creator speaks up

    Last night Nintendo Life editor James Newton attended a presentation by Final Fantasy creator and The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi at London's BAFTA HQ. The famous developer reflected on his 25+ years of industry experience and his latest project, answering questions from the packed-out audience. The night...

  • News Eurogamer Expo Tickets Go On Sale Next Week

    We'll see you there

    Tickets for the UK's biggest video games show, Eurogamer Expo, go on sale from Thursday 23rd February. Eurogamer has signed a new partnership with Virgin Media to power the four-day show at London's Earls Court, with Virgin Media customers eligible for cheaper tickets and special giveaways. The show runs from Thursday 27th...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Events On the Cards

    Gotta collect them all

    Kid Icarus: Uprising lands with six augmented reality cards, but there'll be more than half a dozen available in the grand scheme of things, as Nintendo of America will host events to make new cards available. The official Kid Icarus: Uprising site simply says: Check back on this site soon for info about special Nintendo...

  • News Show Your Skills At London Mario Kart 7 Tournament

    Have you got what it takes?

    You might not be quite as fast as Mario Kart 7 silver medallist James Newton, but if you fancy yourself as something of a Mario Kart 7 expert then you might want to head over to London's Westfield Stratford City next week to enter an official Nintendo Mario Kart time trial. The event runs from 13th to 19th February at the Nintendo stand outside John Lewis, with other..

  • News Get Jiggy with BIT.TRIP and Nintendisco

    Find those dancing shoes

    The arrival of BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA has been a long time coming in Europe. Thanks to Rising Star Games there isn't long to wait, with both titles due to release soon. To celebrate the occasion there's to be a free BIT.TRIP themed Nintendisco on 7th February in London. There'll be opportunities to play both games, take part in competitions, enjoy some of the..

  • News Feel the Beat at Rhythm Heaven Launch Event in L.A.

    Don't forget your groove

    Nintendo has announced a swanky launch event to celebrate the upcoming North American release of Rhythm Heaven Fever. Taking place on Friday 10th February, the evening will include a chance to play the game as well as freebies, food and other entertainment. The launch is open to the public on a first-come, first-served...


  • News Hironobu Sakaguchi Tours UK to Promote The Last Story

    BAFTA be there

    The Last Story is one month from launch, and creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is coming to the UK to promote it. Sakaguchi will address the British Academy of Film and Television Arts on Thursday 16th February, discussing his lengthy career and demonstrating his latest title. The event is open to the public and press, with tickets costing £5 from Ticketweb. Sakaguchi will also head to the..

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