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  • News EA Says FIFA 19 On Switch Will Build Upon Its Custom Engine To Improve Graphics

    Not 'closing the door' on Frostbite in the future

    Despite the almost inevitable FIFA 19 not receiving any official announcement or specific platform confirmation, it appears that a Switch version of the game is firmly in the minds (and therefore development) of the team at EA Sports. Speaking to DreamTeamFC, FIFA 18 producer Andrei...

  • News FIFA 18 is Back to Being 'EA Sports FIFA' for Nintendo Switch

    Just call it Switch Soccerball and be done with it

    It was pleasing back in January when EA appeared on stage at the major reveal of the Nintendo Switch and offered its backing to the system with a release of FIFA later in the year. There was speculation over whether it'd be a full entry in the series or an alternative, however, when it was listed...

  • News EA: Wii U Will Have The Best FIFA 13

    Nintendo version to offer enhancements over its console rivals

    EA producer Matt Prior has told Official Nintendo Magazine that the Wii U edition of FIFA 13 will boast the best visuals out of all of the console editions. Having previously stated that the Nintendo version would be visually superior to its PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts, Prior elab

  • News EA Sports to Reveal Wii U Games Next Month

    Madden-ing wait

    EA Sports will lift the lid on its Wii U titles next month, says IGN. The publisher is hosting an open house in the middle of July where it will make Wii U-related announcements. Back in May EA Sports announced FIFA 13 for Wii U and at E3 2011 EA's John Riccitiello mused about Madden NFL on Wii U, so you can expect to hear details...

  • News Tiger Woods, Your Time on Wii is Over

    Wii can't play PGA Tour 13

    After several excellent outings on Wii, EA Sports has confirmed upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 won't release on Nintendo's current home console. While Xbox 360 owners can play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on Kinect, and PlayStation Move fans have been enjoying motion controls since 2010, Wii is being passed over for this...

  • News EA Sports Working Closely with Nintendo on Wii U's Online

    Vice president happy with Nintendo's attitude

    Nintendo has expressed its own dissatisfaction with its online efforts and it's clearly one area that will need to be tackled with the upcoming Wii U. When Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime spoke to Forbes, he talked about implementing a more flexible online system that will appeal to developers and it now seems that EA Sports might be..

  • News First FIFA 12 3DS Screenshots and Details Score

    EA sticks the boot in

    EA was always going to follow Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D with its own football game, so it's no surprise the smartly named FIFA 12 is coming to 3DS later this year. Where Pro Evo claimed the title of "first 3D football game", FIFA 12 nabs the slightly less auspicious "first 3D street football mode" award, bringing FIFA Street-like gameplay to the..