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  • News Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Will Run At 30 FPS On Wii U

    Half that of PS4 and Xbox One, unsurprisingly

    We really liked Wii U launch title Darksiders II; while it pays homage to the Zelda series, it adds its own unique flavour as a grittier take on the action-RPG dungeon crawler. We recently reported that a remastered Darksiders would be coming to the Wii U, too, as Nordic Games have taken over the reigns...

  • News ​Darksiders is Coming to Wii U

    Before Death, there is War

    Last month, Nordic Games mentioned how they had a game coming that Action/Adventure fans would appreciate. Many made the guess that this would be a port of Darksiders, considering that Darksiders II already came to the console early on. It appears that this turned out to be true, as Nordic Games has confirmed that they are...


  • News Nordic Games Picks Up The Darksiders Franchise

    Red Faction, MX and Homeworld also find new homes

    Yesterday we reported that THQ had sold off most of its remaining assets to other parties, however it was not clear which ones had been picked up and which had fallen by the wayside. New information has come through today and we're very happy to inform you that the Darksiders franchise was salvaged...


  • Rumour Vigil Co-founder Interested In Buying Darksiders IP

    Will the horsemen ride again?

    When THQ bit the dust a while back, Vigil Games was one of the companies which didn't get purchased. This seemed to spell the end of the popular Darksiders franchise. However, hope is not lost. It would appear that Crytek USA CEO David Adams has expressed an interest in purchasing the IP he and many members of his...


  • News THQ To Sell Majority Of Its Remaining IPs This April

    There's hope for Darksiders yet

    THQ auctioned off most of its assets last month, resulting in several studios and IPs being picked up by the highest bidders. Sadly, it appeared that the Darksiders franchise was dead and buried due to its studio, Vigil Games, not finding a suitable bidder. However, it looks as though there may still be hope for...

  • News The Darksiders Series Looks To Be Over

    Sometimes all good things must come to an end

    A few weeks back THQ sold off its assets to the highest bidders. This lead to various THQ studios finding new homes; THQ Montreal for example is now a part of Ubisoft and Relic, the developer of Company of Heroes is now a branch of SEGA. However not all development studios found a new home, and as they...