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  • Video Here's Why Getting Your Retro Games Graded Could Be A Complete Waste Of Money

    Or not, if you like to see them magically rise in value!

    While many collect retro games purely to play them, there's a growing number of people who see vintage titles as an investment rather than entertainment. It's hardly surprising given that certain games are worth much more today than they were at the time of launch, and merely taking them out...

  • Video This Guy Loves Nintendo Way More Than You Do

    "Nintendo keeps me smiling while gaming"

    Do you consider yourself a Nintendo collector? If so, there's a good chance that you have all of the consoles, a few rare games, and some exclusive memorabilia from Club Nintendo; a collection that any Nintendo fan would be proud of. No matter what rare or precious items you do have, there's no way that your...

  • Feature Becoming a Nintendo Game & Watch Collector

    We ask the experts about collecting this vintage format

    Given the durable nature of the Game & Watch range, the appealing design of the casing and the desirable Nintendo branding, it’s little surprise that a truly hardcore collecting scene has risen up over the past few years. The reasons for this differ depending on which collector you happen...

  • News English Girl Becomes Biggest Collector of Pokémon Memorabilia

    She caught 'em all - and then some

    21 year old Lisa Courtney was declared the biggest Pokémon collector of them all by the Guinness Book of Records 2010 with over 12,000 items. Courtney started collecting 'em all 13 years ago. She found it a relief from the bullying she suffered from school at the time due to a physical disability. Since Guinness last counted she has reported the collection has..