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  • News Cool Down With a Splatoon-Inspired Froyo This Summer

    No food fights please!

    No doubt you'll be joining us in playing the excellent Splatoon throughout the Summer, and if you are lucky enough to live in Canada you'll even be able to cool off with Splatoon-inspired frozen yoghurt and sorbets - courtesy of a team-up with Nintendo Canada and Yogurty's and Yogen Fruz. Starting on the 1st of June until the...



  • News Nintendo Announces Super Smash Club for Canada

    The first rule of Super Smash Club...

    In a late-notice broadcast via epn today, Nintendo of America has announced Super Smash Club for Canada, which will be a web hub and a series of events to bring together Super Smash Bros. fans in the country. The main meeting point will be In the first week Nintendo wants gamers to...


  • News Kokuga Blasting Its Way To Europe On 11th July

    But Canada is still missing out

    Kokuga developer G.Rev has confirmed to us that the game will be hitting the European 3DS eShop on 11th July. The game launched in North America last week. Oddly, Canadian 3DS owners have missed out on Hiroshi "Ikaruga" Iuchi's action-packed title. Here's what G.Rev had to say about the matter: Unfortunately, the...


  • News Wii Mini Doesn't Include an SD Slot

    Just another thing to add to the list

    It has been discovered that the recently unveiled Wii Mini system does not have an SD card slot. The new miniaturised Wii, which — bizarrely enough — will only be available to purchase in Canada, is a cut-down version of the original Wii that lacks online functionality or GameCube backward compatibility...



  • News Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming to Canada Too

    More information due "soon"

    Last week's announcement that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to North America actually only specified a United States release, leading those north of the border to wonder if it would see release in Canada. It will. Nintendo of Canada confirmed to that the much-anticipated RPG is on the way to Canada: Xenobla


  • News Canadian 3DS Summer Tour Details

    Join in the fun

    Nintendo is about to kick off its 3DS Summer Tour this month in Canada, allowing attendees to try out the console and sample a variety of new titles. Trucks kitted out with 3DS consoles will be stopping by Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario where gamers can have a go on the 3DS built-in software like Face Raiders, the AR games and the Mii Maker. Games such as Pilotwings..


  • News Canadian 3DS Launch Event Split Between Two Cities

    The ears of Toronto and Vancouver are burning

    Ahead of its North American launch on 27th March, Canadian gamers can experience the 3DS at one of two venues as part of Nintendo's official 3DS launch event. On Saturday, 26th March from 6:00pm to 12:00am; Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia will be hosting the special occasion where...


  • News Netflix Now Available in Canada

    Grab your Wii Remote and start streaming

    Back in July, it was announced that Canada would be getting in on the Netflix service and logistically, that meant Canadian Wii owners could be treated to the same sort of console streaming that their neighbours South of the border have been enjoying since April. Netflix has today announced that its streaming service has launched outside of the United States..


  • News Netflix Launching in Canada This Fall

    At least we know it's logistically possible for a Wii appearance

    Those in the U.S. have already been enjoying Netflix via the Wii for a few months now, and it looks like their neighbours to the north could soon be doing the same when the service makes its first international appearance this fall. Although it hasn't been officially announced that the...

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