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News: A Whole New Meaning To The Term Shovelware

A Whole New Meaning To The Term Shovelware

Bet you didn't know your Wiimote could handle such power

What do you get if you mix 15 tonnes of steel, 200 bar of hydraulic pressure and a Wiimote? The answer: a totally awesome industrial grappler. The chaps behind these two grapplers - which use a control system written in Python software language - have tinkered around with them so that you can operate them using a Wiimote. Check out the..

News: Johnny Chung Lee's Crazy Wii Experiments

Johnny Chung Lee's Crazy Wii Experiments

Crazy Johnny takes the Wiimote to even new heights creating some simple demos that might even surprise Nintendo.

Before hating, I know that this is old news, I simply can't believe we never got round to posting these videos on the site, they really are something amazing and anyone that missed them should appreciate this post. Working out of Pittsburgh USA, Johnny Chung Lee has created some..

News: Wii Music "Nearing Completion"

Wii Music "Nearing Completion"

Wii Music is expected to be shown at E3 with a release coming pretty soon.

With the glut in popularity of musical games (cough Guitar Hero 583) Nintendo are putting finishing touches to Wii Music which was first shown at the initial announcement of the Wii many years ago. New information revealed by N-Europe today suggests that there will be 40 different instruments to play requiring both button..

News: White GameCube Pad Coming To Japan

White GameCube Pad Coming To Japan

Nintendo keeps the memory of the Cube alive

Although many Nintendo fans will have relegated their once-treasured GameCube consoles to the great console heaven in the sky, the trusty Cube pad is proving to be a near-essential piece of hardware for Wii owners. We dread to think about how many Cube consoles have been offloaded at carboot sales or charity shops minus their controllers. Nintendo is..

News: Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

When you run out of ideas, why not steal one from someone else?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that is the case then Nintendo must be feeling pretty flattered at the moment. MTV has recently been contacted by a developer who says that Microsoft is working on a Wii-style controller for its 360 console, as well as a version of the ‘Mii’ avatar concept for Xbox..

News: Nintendo Breaking Patent Law With The Wiimote?

Nintendo Breaking Patent Law With The Wiimote?

The latest courtroom drama from the US

It seems that both Sony and Nintendo may have a fight on their hands thanks to a patent dispute currently doing the rounds in the US. This follows on from Sony’s humiliating courtroom defeat at the hands of Immersion Corporation, which effectively cost the Japanese giant $100 million in damages and forced them to remove controversial rumble technology from..

News: Unwanted Xmas Gift Series: Wii Weapon Set

Unwanted Xmas Gift Series: Wii Weapon Set

Let's hope Santa didn't pop one of these in your stocking

As the warm, fluffy memory of Christmas fades away and the horrifying prospect of another year of hard graft slowly becomes a reality, it’s a good time to take stock of the thoroughly useless items you’ve been given over the festive period. The success of the Wii has seen many companies produce a dazzling range of totally pointless..

News: Wii Slip No More

Wii Slip No More

Nintendo have released info about a new "Wii Remote Jacket" designed for those sweaty handed gamers that keep smashing their TV.

Nintendo announces the Wii Remote Jacket, a durable, silicone cover for the Wii Remote™ that provides a variety of benefits for the player. Nintendo will include the Wii Remote Jacket with all Wii™ hardware systems and with all Wii Remotes sold separately or packaged..

News: Zelda Game Accompanying Zapper

Zelda Game Accompanying Zapper

Details emerge on the software bundled with the Wii Zapper peripheral.

Remember when the 'Wii Zapper' was announced at E3? The attachment for the Wiimote that transforms it in to gun, similar to the Zapper made for NES. It was said there would be a training game of sorts bundled with it to introduce players to how to use the piece of plastic. Many expected it to follow tradition and for the..

News: Get Tidy, Get Wedock!

Get Tidy, Get Wedock!

As the popularity of Wii continues to grow, huge amounts of unofficial 3rd party products are seeping out of China, so what's this Wedock then?

Our friends at Wedock.com sent us a sample of their "Wedock" product, yes we think they're aware of the abnormal spelling. Wii thought we'd do the right thing and tell you guys about it. So what is it? Wedock is a "storage solution" for your Wiimotes and..

News: Need To Make Your Wii EZ?

Need To Make Your Wii EZ?

So erm, ezGear have announced a line up of "must have" Wii accessories... I think they've pretty much thought of everything.

ezGearTM for Wii Sports Pack -- The ezGear Sports Pack for Wii provides three extensions for the Wiimote, transforming it into a golf club, baseball bat or tennis racquet, but not just any club, bat or racquet. Each extension is weighted to give the user a realistic feel..

News: Wii Light Saber Game In Development

Wii Light Saber Game In Development

LucasArts have confirmed that we'll be seeing the much dreamt about Light Saber action on a Wii console later this year.

Jim Ward of LucasArts was quizzed about the idea at last weeks Hollywood & Games Summit panel in Los Angeles. "In response to a question from session moderator N'Gai Croal of Newsweek asking: "What would it take to make a lightsaber game for the Wii?", Ward, who is President..

News: EA Introduce Family Play

EA Introduce Family Play

Electronic Arts have announced a new "Family Play" system for their '08 Sports titles, featuring advanced or family modes.

"In the main game of Madden NFL 08, NBA LIVE 08 and FIFA 08, players have the choice to play the style that best suits their skills. When entering a contest, players now have the option to choose Advanced or Family Play. Once in the game, Advanced users take complete control..

News: Dojo Talks Brawl Controls

Dojo Talks Brawl Controls

Proof that the Wii controls won't work for everything, Nintendo opt for a 4 way control system on upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl.

"The Nintendo Wii really is a versatile piece of hardware. I mean, when it comes to controllers, there are pretty much four different types. I guess I have no choice but implement them all! There’s no need to be confused about what does what—just choose the play..

News: Wii Loop Machine

Wii Loop Machine

Blogger named "The Amazing Rolo" shows off his incredible "Wii Loop Machine", turn your Wiimote into an instrument!

As you probably already know, it didn't take long for the macheads to get the Wiimote working on their machines, I even bothered to try it out, it was cool but had no real use - until now! The "Wii Loop Machine" is a fantastic example of what you can do with your Wiimote besides..

News: Thrustmaster Reveals Their New Wii Accessories

Thrustmaster Reveals Their New Wii Accessories

The American accessory-developer Thrustmaster, whose name most of you probably recognize from the firm's long participation in the racing-game accessories market, has just revealed a list of all the unique accessories they are developing for Nintendo's popular gaming console.

With the Wii Nintendo opened up gaming to a whole new audience and expanded the demographics of our beloved form of digital..

News: The First Wii-Chargeable Wiimote Battery

The First Wii-Chargeable Wiimote Battery

Thats right folks, the Wii is getting a rechargeable battery pack (currently only for Japan mind you).

The pack is manufactured by a Japanese company called Thanko and is due for release there soon. Currently there no news on a release anywhere else. From Joystiq.comThanko's lithium-ion battery and USB charge cradle, which can draw power from one of the Wii's USB ports, are retailing in Japan at..

News: Wii Prototypes

Wii Prototypes

Some weird and wacky Nintendo designs that didn't quite make it into production.

Okay this is old news, but I wanted to post it anyway for those that haven't seen it, here's a except from an article posted on DarkZero last year. "In all honesty we see two remotes that could have worked well - had we not seen todays version - and one lazy Wavebird redesign... then we see A GIANT STAR. Until..

News: Dj Wiij

Dj Wiij

Just incase you needed another use for your Wiimote.

You've probably already tried the Wiimote on your Mac, using DarwiinRemote, but haven't really found a use for it... until now. Look what we've come across recently, Wii DJing! "Welcome to DJ Wiij. The first and original djing website dedicated to using Nintendo Wiimotes. As much of a gimmick this looks like, it really works like a charm..

News: Nintendo NOT Recalling Wrist Straps

Nintendo NOT Recalling Wrist Straps

Internet wild fire causes a problem again, Nintendo will replace broken straps but its certainly not a product recall.

It amazes me that professional media sites can get it so wrong, Nintendo have yesterday announced that they will replace any broken wrist straps free of charge but should not be considered a product recall (when a company asks specifically for people to return the product). Here's..