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  • Exclusive RIVE Delayed for Wii U and Could Switch to NX, Two Tribes Tells Us Why

    "A better RIVE is preferable to an early sub-par RIVE"

    In the steadily decreasing list of enticing titles still coming to the Wii U and its eShop, RIVE was among the most anticipated in the download scene. The final game from Two Tribes, it made a favourable impression as one of the demos in the E3 2015 [email protected]' promotion, and we rather...



  • Hands On Learning to Enjoy Death in RIVE

    Two Tribes isn't cute and cuddly any more

    Two Tribes, prior to its closure and restructuring in early 2014, had a broad range of games and genres both developed in-house and as part of its publishing arm. Toki Tori was the best known of its titles, a cute - albeit tricky - puzzler that branched out across consoles and smart devices. The company's...