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News: Thrill Friends and Family with These Sonic Remote Control Cars

Thrill Friends and Family with These Sonic Remote Control Cars

Sonic and Knuckles take to the track

If there's one thing better than new video games merchandise, we haven't found it yet. Feast your eyes on these new remote control cars from NKOK, showing Sonic and Knuckles in their Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing mobiles. Apparently capable of a top speed of a whopping 7mph, boasting fully working headlights and different frequencies so you and your friends..

News: Now You Can Have Your Very Own Fairy In A Bottle

Now You Can Have Your Very Own Fairy In A Bottle

Link cosplay costumes everywhere rejoice!

It's no wonder Link does the things he does. All he needs is a fairy in a jar and he can go and do whatever stupid thing he wants and the fairy'll just reanimate his corpse. Pretty handy when you're out battling pig demon things and whatnot. Your mortal enemy may not be a Machiavellian tyrant, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't look dashing with the latest..

News: Toki Tori Merchandise Coming Soon

Toki Tori Merchandise Coming Soon

Own your very own Toki Tori!

A while ago Two Tribes expressed their desire to create Toki Tori merchandise. But it was all up to fan demand if they would actually be made. It's now official though, there will be Toki Tori figurines, with perhaps other merchandise to follow. They're not for sale yet, nor has Two Tribes revealed any details on when we can expect them to be, or how much they'll cost,..

News: MadWorld gear available in the UK

MadWorld gear available in the UK

SEGA announce that you'll be able to get your hands on some niffty MadWorld goodies here in the UK.

We know how you guys love our merchandise, so allow me to present to you some nice bits of MADWORLD merch that are available when you pre-order the game at various outlets in the UK. If you pre-order MADWORLD at HMV you can get the soundtrack CD for free. This is a 20-track CD full of kick-ass beats..

News: Meat Boy Plushie and Musical Track Now Available

Meat Boy Plushie and Musical Track Now Available

If you're feeling like getting into the Super Meat Boy spirit, you can now surf over to the Super Meat Boy Blog and purchase your very own Meat Boy plushie. How can you resist a cute little plushie that's in the shape of a piece of meat?

Edmund has also just posted one of the first musical tracks from the Super Meat Boy game for your listening enjoyment as well. You can check it out below. If..

News: Want Toki Tori Merchandise? Speak Up Now!

Want Toki Tori Merchandise? Speak Up Now!

Two Tribes is trying hard to get more people interested in their awesome WiiWare puzzler, Toki Tori. Last week they decided to start making blog posts about the game's development, but this week they're going one step further.

Apparently lots of people have already requested Toki Tori merchandise, but the costs to make these were quite high. Two Tribes isn't exactly that big of a company, so they..

News: Capcom To Release Mega Man 9 Soundtrack

Capcom To Release Mega Man 9 Soundtrack

Love classic 8-bit video game music? Got 30 Washingtons sitting there doing nothing in your pocket? Well if so, you might want to surf over to the Capcom Store and preorder your official Mega Man 9 Soundtrack.

That's right, directly from Japan comes all of the catchy toe-tappers straight from Capcom's retro-filled Mega Man 9 WiiWare title for your listening pleasure at the bargain price of $29.95..

News: Mega Man 9 Press Kit Fetches $750 on eBay

Mega Man 9 Press Kit Fetches $750 on eBay

Remember those awesome Mega Man 9 press kits we told you about not so long ago? Well one dedicated Blue Bomber fan is soon going to be cozying up to an assets CD in a NES cartridge-shaped case and will find their bank account significantly reduced as a result, because one of these kits has just sold for an eye-watering $750 on auction site eBay.

Worth every penny? Well, not really – especially..

News: Mega Man 9 T-Shirts Now On Sale

Mega Man 9 T-Shirts Now On Sale

Capcom are never shy of making a quick buck here and there. Not only do they have the best selling WiiWare game this week (and dare we say for the whole month of October too probably!) they are now selling the famous Mega Man 9 t-shirt which you can today preorder from their online store for a reasonable price of $24.95.

Get your order in soon and be the envy on all your friends! If you are feeling..

News: Capcom's Mega Man 9 Press Kit Goes Retro

Capcom's Mega Man 9 Press Kit Goes Retro

In a move to further add even more 8-bit goodness to the upcoming release of their Mega Man 9 WiiWare title, Capcom is sending out a limited number of retro-themed press kits to various media organizations.

The kit comes in a cardboard case that's shaped like a classic NES cartridge box and features an actual replica of an NES cart that will house the cd-rom disc. It's worth noting that while this..

News: Sonic Figure GET

Sonic Figure GET

Those game loving nerds at First 4 Figures release another classic, the Sonic figure.

First 4 Figures is proud to present a new collection of models based on the classic Sonic the Hedgehog line, starting off with our 12 inch Sonic the Hedgehog statue. Sonic the Hedgehog burst onto the scene in 1991 and in super sonic speed went on to become Sega’s mascot. Sonic is full of speed and attitude and..

News: Shoe Your Love For Nintendo

Shoe Your Love For Nintendo

You aint got style till you've got Nintendo shoes, no, we're serious - Nintendo shoes!

Nintendo fanboys rejoice as Kotaku discover a new product hits the shelves. "Ok, I'm right on the line with these. I love the shoes, can't get enough of the gaming shoes, but the baby blue color and hardcore Nintendo fanboyism of these sneaks leave me a little hesitant to buy. On the flipside, these..

News: Know Your Mushrooms

Know Your Mushrooms

Getting abit sweaty whilst playing Wii Sports? GameStation have the answer, Nintendo sweatbands!

Component cables seem to be somewhat like gold dust at the moment, mine finally arrived this morning. Fellow staff member Tom "Nanaki" Bowskill managed to hook me up with one of those MadCatz component cables, which seems to be doing a fine job. Tom always treats his editor nice, this time he included a..

News: Trace Your Figure

Trace Your Figure

First 4 Figures release another Nintendo figure, this time its Trace from Metroid Prime Hunters.

Alex over at First 4 Figures has pointed out that a new figure will be available in Q1 2007, the blood red Trace figure is another limited edition model with only 1,500 being made. "First 4 Figures is extremely proud to present Trace, the first in the Metroid Prime Hunters collectable series. First..

News: Get Your Mask On

Get Your Mask On

The Zelda hardcore rejoice, another figure comes to the market, this time from Majora's mask.

Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, Majora's Mask was the 2nd Zelda title for Nintendo 64, whilst it was the follow up to the legendary Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask was quite different, but primarily it was dark. Someone over at First 4 Figures tipped us off that they're releasing a new..

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