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News: SNK Just Went Old Skool

SNK Just Went Old Skool

Ignition set to publish a 16 title "SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1" collection for Wii later this year.

‘In the Arcade, the addictive quality of these games ensured that the money in your pocket didn’t last long’ Says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment ‘Now the only difficulty is deciding which game to play first’. Taking...

News: Guitar Hero: World Tour Adds Drum Support

Guitar Hero: World Tour Adds Drum Support

Activision announce the latest incarnation of Guitar Hero, this time titled "World Tour" and will feature various new features most notably the addition of a drum kit!

Guitar Hero World Tour will transform music gaming by marrying Guitar Hero’s exhilarating guitar gameplay, with a cooperative band experience that combines the most advanced wireless instruments with revolutionary new online and..

News: Sega Announce PictoImage

Sega Announce PictoImage

New creative drawing game from the Sega boys, promises three different modes and upto eight player support.

PictoImage is a pick up and play puzzle game in which players to take turns drawing the image of a word, while competitors race against the clock to guess the word first. The words are generated at random and can be anything from an apple, to a waterfall or a butler! Even if art is not your..

News: Sam & Max Heading To Wii

Sam & Max Heading To Wii

Announced last month, Telltale has revealed that the infamous Sam & Max franchise will be coming to Wii in the form of Sam & Max: Season One, containing all 6 episodes released so far on the PC counterpart.

The Wii console is a perfect fit for the Sam & Max games. The series' story-driven gameplay and episodic structure has often been favorably compared to TV sitcoms. The new Wii version will..

News: MadWorld: Light-hearted Brutality

MadWorld: Light-hearted Brutality

SEGA's recently announced worldwide partnership with with PlatinumGames is all set to bring "MadWorld" to Wii, a black & white ultra stylish third person action game.

Described on its own website as "Light-hearted Brutality" PlatinumGames' MadWorld sounds like winner, players are set to master the use of various weapons found within their environment, such as chainsaws and street signs,..

News: Sonic Is Unleashed

Sonic Is Unleashed

Earlier this week SEGA officially announced the next game in the Sonic series, Sonic Unleashed, which will appear on all the major consoles.

Sonic Unleashed is built on a powerful new “Hedgehog Engine”, which introduces seamless 3D to classic 2D camera transitions, whilst delivering a rich and expansive world with multiple paths to choose from. Under development for three years, the Hedgehog..

News: Pass Your Driving Test With Atari

Pass Your Driving Test With Atari

Atari UK set to publish a new DS "training" game entitled "Driving Theory Training" which will be officially licensed by the DSA.

Available in Summer 08, Driving Theory Training will feature the full driving theory questions and answers officially licensed by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). In addition to a full theory test based on the real life exam, learners can benefit from revision,..

News: Reggie: "Big Game Coming This Christmas"

Reggie: "Big Game Coming This Christmas"

Mystery title to be revealed at E3

Reggie Fils-Aime has dropped hints that Nintendo owners should be very happy this Christmas. The Nintendo of American President said: There's gonna be a big game for the holiday that gamers will want. All I can tell you is what we announce during E3 is gonna be fantastic. The gamer is gonna be excited and the expanded audience is gonna be excited. Many fans have..

News: Worms: A Space Oddity No Longer Online

Worms: A Space Oddity No Longer Online

Team 17 makes a massive u-turn regarding multiplayer options for its forthcoming Wii title

Even though the company previously announced that the upcoming Wii game Worms: A Space Oddity would feature online play, developer Team 17 has now retracted the statement and has confirmed that the game will not make use of Nintendo’s WiFi connection for multiplayer-related shenanigans. Publisher THQ had..

News: Factor 5 Jump Back Into Bed With Nintendo

Factor 5 Jump Back Into Bed With Nintendo

Cheers and whooping heard as previous Sony-related indiscretions are forgotten

Factor 5, the studio behind hits such as Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader and 16-bit ‘run and gun’ classic Turrican, has confirmed that it is once again working with Nintendo hardware. The company was previously an ‘exclusive’ Nintendo developer in the early days of the GameCube, but recently started to..

News: Smash Bros Pushed Back To March In The US

Smash Bros Pushed Back To March In The US

Gnashing of teeth heard around globe

As we reported a few days ago, it would appear that Super Smash Bros Brawl is getting pushed back a month. According to UK site One retailer told a pre-order customer (and GameSpot forum-goer): "We just want to let you know that the release date of Super Smash Bros Brawl (Nintendo Wii) you ordered has been changed to..

News: Sam And Max Hit The Wii

Sam And Max Hit The Wii

Retail distributor lets it slip in latest press release - adventure fans go wild

Point and click adventure fans should prepare to get very animated indeed – it would appear that everyone’s favourite crime-busting animal duo Sam and Max are coming to the Wii. For those of you that don’t know, Sam and Max are a detective dog and psychopathic rabbit respectively. Created by Steve Purcell in..

News: Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin Gets Euro Name Change

Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin Gets Euro Name Change

Just to make things even more complicated

Intelligent System’s latest entry in the massively popular Advance Wars series has been given a new name for its forthcoming European release. The eagerly awaited title, which will be released in the US as Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and in Japan as Famicom Wars DS 2 (which is in keeping with the Japanese name for the franchise), will now be called Advance..

News: Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

Features robots and large breasts, in that order

Fans of obscure Japanese RPGs should rejoice - Famitsu magazine has recently revealed that Nintendo's Monolithsoft is working with Banpresto to create a new title called "Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga". I'm sure you'll agree, that's quite a mouthful. Coding duties are being handled by Terada-san, who is responsible for the..

News: Captain Olimar Joins Smash Bros Brawl

Captain Olimar Joins Smash Bros Brawl

Pikmin squad is surpisingly good in a scrap

He may not top your list of videogame characters that you’d like to have on your side in a fight, but Pikmin’s Captain Olimar has nevertheless been confirmed for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Brawl. His attacks would appear to involve picking up the various Pikmin and hurling them towards enemies, but aside from a few screens Nintendo hasn't given any..

News: Wii Chess Anyone?

Wii Chess Anyone?

No joke, Nintendo Europe is releasing Wii Chess on the 18th of January to the unsuspecting Wiipublic.

Now we'd actually expect a "Wii Chess" title to appear on something like WiiWare, but a full game?! Nintendo Europe might be losing the plot a little and perhaps cashing in on Wii's success, can there really be enough legs for people to buy another chess game? Details are thin, but..

News: The Masked Queen Coming Spring 2008

The Masked Queen Coming Spring 2008

The Wii game with the longest title ever, Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors is scheduled for release in Spring 2008 across Europe.

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces that DRAGON QUEST® SWORDS: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors® for Wii™, will be released..

News: Reflex Your Inner Ninja

Reflex Your Inner Ninja

EA wants everyone to limber up and test their Ninja Reflexes in the amusingly named "Ninja Reflex" coming next spring.

Ninja Reflex uses a series of martial arts challenges to test gamers’ reflexes and measure their reaction times with millisecond precision. As players develop their ninja skills, they will strive to earn a black belt from their own personal Sensei. Players can also compete for..

News: Who You Gonna Call?

Who You Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters! Vivendi Games set to release a brand new game based on the movies, voice talent from the original cast to be included.

As reported by Variety, all four of the movie's main cast members - Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis - have agreed to allow their likenesses to appear in the game and will supply voice-overs. Other cast members getting involved include William..