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  • News Nintendo Is Shutting Down StreetPass Relay Stations In Japan

    A passing craze?

    StreetPass is one of the coolest elements of the 3DS hardware and was encouraging people to venture outdoors long before Pokemon GO turned up. Sadly, Nintendo chose not to continue the service on Switch, and we're slowly but surely seeing it fade into history as the 3DS winds down. A sign of things come to has just been announced...




  • News Nintendo Switch Won't Have Miiverse Or StreetPass

    End of an era

    The Nintendo Switch won't use Miiverse or StreetPass, it has been revealed. Both services were introduced during the Wii U and 3DS cycle, and have proven to be a hit with fans. However, according to Nintendo of America's assistant manager of public relations David Young, they won't figure in plans for the new hybrid console: I can...



















  • Guide Forming Your Own StreetPass Meet-Up Group

    Make the most of your 3DS

    Just recently we brought you an interview with StreetPass Liverpool's Anthony Boyd, to learn a little more about how these events and groups come together to share a passion for 3DS. Now we have a guide from James Parker, who created and runs the StreetPass Metro Detroit group along with other keen gamers. Shortly after...

  • Interview StreetPass Liverpool's Anthony Boyd On Bringing Gamers Together

    Green light means go

    There are few things more deceptively simple than Nintendo’s StreetPass function, which rewards players for travelling with their systems with virtual currency to spend on unlockable content and encourages them to take their portable out into the wild at every available opportunity. From Nintendo’s position, the advantages...






  • News Iwata Asks Connects With The Team Behind StreetPass Relay

    Discusses the origins, the implementation and International StreetPass

    The StreetPass relay points are starting to spread across the globe giving 3DS owners more chance to connect with fellow gamers using the unique feature. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently sat down with the team behind the project in the latest Iwata Asks interview where...

  • News Nintendo UK Announces National StreetPass Day

    Major events in London, Manchester and Birmingham

    The 3DS has many qualities, but arguably one of its finest features is StreetPass. Like many of Nintendo's cleverest ideas, its not particularly hi-tech or revolutionary, but by combining a charming app and mini-games with the idea of passing and 'meeting' strangers while out and about, the portable...

  • News Nintendo To Host Nintendo Life StreetPass Zone At Eurogamer Expo 2013

    Play games, win prizes, get those important StreetPass hits

    We're proud to announce that we're bringing the Nintendo Life StreetPass Zone to this year's Eurogamer Expo in association with Nintendo. The expo — which is due to take place at Earl's Court in London — is already sold out and will attract over 70,000 visitors from September 26th to...

  • News There's a Shiny New StreetPass Mii Plaza Update in Europe

    The mystery update does something, right?

    Update: It seems that the purpose of the update has been identified by eagle-eyed members of the Nintendo Life community. The previous update removed the overall total figure in the counter for puzzle pieces collected, and now it's back. Photographic evidence is at the bottom of the article, thanks...


  • News New 3DS Update Brings StreetPass Relay Functionality

    6.2.0-12 available now in North America and Europe

    Remember the StreetPass Relay function that Nintendo spoke about recently? The one where your StreetPass data is stored in Nintendo Zone locations and then exchanged with the next person to walk past? Well, that feature has just gone live thanks to firmware update 6.2.0-12 — now available in both...

  • News StreetPassUK Launches Tag-Finding Website

    Groups, events, contests, and lots of little green lights

    Is your Mii Plaza a desolate monument to despair and missing puzzle tiles, or are you simply looking for some new friends for multiplayer or those downloadable games? If you live in the UK, there’s a site you should be checking out. StreetPassUK combines the forces of regional StreetPass...


  • News Nintendo Zone StreetPass Relay System Announced

    Easier StreetPass hits for all

    As part of today's surprise Nintendo Direct Mini broadcasts, both Nintendo of America and its European counterpart confirmed a Nintendo Zone StreetPass Enhancement to help all 3DS owners make the most of the functionality. Said to be on the way "in a few weeks" on both sides of the Atlantic, this upgrade will use the...

  • News StreetPass DLC System Update Finally Hits North America


    Back in June Europe and Japan received an update to the StreetPass Mii Plaza that not only gave it a shiny new layout and some other minor tweaks, but also four new paid-DLC games. North America received a system update minus the StreetPass content, which was a little baffling and frustrating for those that fancied bringing some spice to...

  • News Over 200,000 Gamers Have Bought StreetPass Mii Plaza DLC

    Paid for with real, not Play, coins

    Not too long ago Europe and Japan enjoyed an update to the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which brought a fresh layout and a batch of four new games to choose from. The catch is that these additions come at a price — they're £4.49 / €4.99 each, or there's a Combo pack of all four available for £13.49 / €14.99...

  • Feature Animal Crossing StreetPass Event Brings 3DS Owners Together

    We catch up with the organisers of this humongous event

    The humble StreetPass feature on the 3DS is largely seen as a supplemental element of the system. Essentially, the idea is you walk around living your daily life with your plucky 3DS on sleep mode and upon passing someone else who's doing the same, that little green light will start flashing...




  • Events Nintendo Life Is Coming to Eurogamer Expo 2012

    Win a Wii U, plus much more

    You might have noticed that we've been getting increasingly excited about this year's Eurogamer Expo, which is due to start tomorrow in London. The reasons are legion; it's going to be the first public UK showing of Nintendo's Wii U console where you can get your hands on Pikmin 3, ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros U...

  • Feature Mii Plaza Puzzle Panels We Want to See

    Why not?

    Yesterday we brought you an image, and the YouTube video to match it, of the McDonald's Big Mac Mii Plaza puzzle panel that's available in Japan: squeals of excitement could be heard and minds were well and truly blown. Or not, as it was just a picture of a burger, albeit with the added gloss of 3D. Still, it's proof that Nintendo is...

  • News StreetPass Allows You to Look at a Big Mac... in 3D

    Mind-blowing excitement

    Sometimes YouTube provides exciting, funny, or downright goofy Nintendo videos. We'd classify this one as bizarre, and it's just too crazy to not share. We give you the McDonald's Big Mac StreetPass puzzle panel, which is available in Japan through Nintendo Zone. While these puzzle panels often result in neat little dioramas...


  • News Dragon Quest X App Adventuring Onto 3DS

    StreetPass and game updates included

    Dragon Quest X, the Wii and Wii U exclusive with substantial online play, is currently only confirmed for Japan, which may bother those who got so engrossed in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on DS. To compound the anxious wait for news of localisation, it's being reported by Andriasang that a...

  • Feature Sharing Some Hits at a StreetPass Event

    Go for that green light

    Did you leave the house today? If you did hit the streets to go to the shops, work or school, then we have two more questions for you. Did you take your 3DS with you, and did you get any StreetPass hits? It’s easy to forget that, when 3DS was launched, Nintendo placed a fair bit of emphasis on the idea of taking the...


  • News New Puzzle Panel Lands Via SpotPass

    Open for business

    3DS owners, make sure your wireless switch is on: Nintendo just sent out a new puzzle panel for StreetPass Puzzle Swap. The new picture of Mario Tennis Open is a 40-piece puzzle, which should last you a fair old while. We haven't heard of any other pictures coming through yet, but if you get a different image then be sure to let us...


  • News Nintendo Sends Out New StreetPass Puzzle

    Pick up the pieces

    Puzzle Swap is one of the most compelling reasons to take your 3DS out and about, but if you've completed all the puzzle panels — yes, even the ones in the November update — you'll be pleased to know Nintendo has just released a new puzzle via SpotPass. 3DS owners with their consoles connected to the internet will receive a...

  • Talking Point When StreetPass Reunites Old Friends

    It's a small world

    Last week, the UK Nintendo Life team hosted a meet-up in Nottingham's swanky Broadway cinema lounge, with staff members travelling from all over Great Britain to get together and play a lot of video games. While there are many stories from the evening that we could tell — and plenty more we couldn't — one small chance...