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Monday23rd Apr 2018

Wednesday28th Feb 2018

  • News Nintendo Is Shutting Down StreetPass Relay Stations In Japan

    A passing craze?

    StreetPass is one of the coolest elements of the 3DS hardware and was encouraging people to venture outdoors long before Pokemon GO turned up. Sadly, Nintendo chose not to continue the service on Switch, and we're slowly but surely seeing it fade into history as the 3DS winds down. A sign of things come to has just been announced...

Friday22nd Sep 2017

Tuesday11th Apr 2017

Saturday14th Jan 2017

  • News Nintendo Switch Won't Have Miiverse Or StreetPass

    End of an era

    The Nintendo Switch won't use Miiverse or StreetPass, it has been revealed. Both services were introduced during the Wii U and 3DS cycle, and have proven to be a hit with fans. However, according to Nintendo of America's assistant manager of public relations David Young, they won't figure in plans for the new hybrid console: I can...

Thursday24th Nov 2016

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Monday10th Oct 2016

  • News StreetPass UK Challenge Moves Onto Mario Kart 7 for Round 2

    Mushvroom around Toad Circuit

    Last week we shared details on a month-long StreetPass UK contest, in which gamers in the country are encouraged to tackle challenges and share their exploits in order to try and win 3DS games or eShop credit. It's a nice way for players to compete and interact with each other on Twitter. The second challenge has now...

Sunday9th Oct 2016

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Sunday4th Sep 2016

  • Feature Looking for Hits in the Latest StreetPass Games

    From capitalism to near-naked Ninjas

    The most recent Nintendo Direct broadcasts had a number of pleasing reveals, but one of the most satisfying for eager explorers and walkers was confirmation of a major StreetPass update. The update does multiple things; it introduces the Quick Plaza / SwiftPlay Plaza, designed to shave time off playing games and...

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  • Feature A Day With The Biggest StreetPass Group in the US

    Hits, games and cake in San Diego

    In this special feature Nintendo Life contributor Alan Lopez shares his experience of a day with the San Diego StreetPass group. What do you get when you Google "StreetPass groups"? If you're searching in the land of Nintendo of America, Facebook pages for "StreetPass Chicago", "StreetPass NYC" and other cities...

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