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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Near perfect fit

We all know that there is an over-abundance of puzzle games available on the DSiWare service. We also know that there are quite a few DSi and WiiWare games that were originally released as apps on the various mobile services. Miraculously, Doodle Fit is one of those rare games that comes from both of these categories, yet still manages to feel right at home as a DSiWare title.

At its core, Doodle Fit is a straightforward tangram puzzle game, but it has a certain charm that makes it stand out from the other ordinary dime-a-dozen puzzlers. Like any great puzzle game, the gameplay itself is fun and addictive enough that it doesn’t rely on an absurd plot or story to keep players interested. Instead, this game remains simple while maintaining light-hearted and easy to pick up and play style that stands out on its own without any unnecessary garnishing.

Doodle Fit is played by holding the DSi vertically, much like a book. Depending on whether you select to play right or left handed, the game will adjust itself accordingly. The touch screen always displays a grid with the shape that you must create with your tangram pieces, while the other screen displays all of the pieces available to you. By using a stylus on the touch screen, you must draw the tangram pieces into the shape on the grid in order to fill the shape in completely. Unlike most tangram puzzle games, you can't rotate pieces, so you must find a spot for each one exactly as it's displayed. Once the shape is completely filled in with pieces, the puzzle is over and you get to move on to the next.

There are over three hundred different puzzles to play, all divided into 11 different categories with such themes as Letters and Zombie. While not all of the puzzles are available to you right in the beginning, completing easier puzzles unlocks the more difficult ones as you continue to play. Because you’re constantly working towards unlocking new content, there’s some incentive to keep playing this game until all puzzles are complete, with many having multiple solutions. Not only does Doodle Fit keep track of which puzzles you’ve solved, but it also counts the number of different available solutions you’ve found.

There’s no timer on any of the puzzles, so you’re allowed to take your time and finish each one at your own leisure, and hits are available to you should you get stuck on a particularly menacing puzzle. The visual and audio presentations also add to the leisurely effect that the gameplay provides. There are a number of different visual themes for you to choose from, ranging from hand-drawn to sci-fi, but all of them retain the same charm that the rest of the game provides. No matter what visual theme you choose, the soundtrack always remains the same. Though there is only one song available through the entire game, it fits the light-hearted mood of the gameplay quite well.


While Doodle Fit doesn’t really manage to do anything significant or new, it’s still a great puzzle game that shouldn’t go overlooked. The gameplay is fun and addictive, and there are hundreds of puzzles to unlock and complete that will keep you busy for hours. The whole game is straightforward, simple and even pretty relaxing, and at a measly 500 Points, this game will fit perfectly into any puzzle fan’s DSiWare collection.

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sam322 said:

so do you have to build things in this game, because i really didn't get it much. But it seems like a lot of fun. Great Review



pntjr said:

I loved the iOS version, and the DSiWare version almost lives up to the iOS version.



alLabouTandroiD said:

That pretty much confirms me downloading this on 12th Jan. On portables i especially like these games. No pressure by any timer means you can play and listen to the TV in the background. When you hear something interesting you can just take a look at your tube without worrying 'bout your performance. (While you can push Pause in most about every other game it's often hard to get back into the rhythm of the game.) Totally relaxing that.



Flowerlark said:

I got this and it's tonnes of fun. I had never known I was any good at tanagrams before. I thought I liked it even more than Pushmo, until I started getting into Pushmo's more advanced levels, which are mind-bendingly awesome. But Doodle Fit is still a great and relaxing puzzle game.



Rockgamer said:

I'm definitely going to pick this up. I need another game in this vein after finishing 505 Tangrams a few months back, and this definitely seems like it'll hit the spot. I was going to get the PS Minis version of this game, but right before I did this version was announced (it was perfect timing) and I held off because a game like this just seems to work better with touchscreen controls.

I think I'm most interested in the multiple solutions aspect. It adds another layer of challenge to the game and gives it a bit of replay value. It sounds like I could like this game more than 505 Tangrams. Time to download and find out!



Victoria said:

I'm with @battLeToaD on this one. It's my kind of game as well. Something to pick up and play in a relaxing sort of way. I often only have snatches of time to play and puzzle games are great for that. I'm glad this one got a good review so I'll be getting it.



Supremeist said:

@nintendo87: You know on PlayStation+ you don't keep the free games forever ... right? Once your PS+ time runs out, all of those free games that you have gotten are gone. So you are basically just renting them for however you long you are subscribed.

Anyways, great to see a quality game back on DSiWare. May pick it up on the Playstation Network.



Bassman_Q said:

Glad the DSiWare port ended up pretty good. I just have one question, though: Are the themes the same ones used in the PSminis version? Cuz I've unlocked 3 themes in that version, but they all seem similar, and I would LOVE to have the themes seen in the screenshots here.



Funem said:

Good game to pass the time, but only 90p on Android Market for add free version.



Parasky said:

This looks like a great port. Won't be picking it up as I already have it as a ps mini.

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