If in-game tutorials aren't your cup of tea, perhaps you would prefer to watch the above 25-minute video, demonstrating how to use every power-up in Super Mario Maker 2.

Yes, for your viewing pleasure, our lovely senior video producer Alex Olney has recorded how each one of the power-ups in the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Maker sequel can be used. He covers every theme in the game as well! We promise by the end of it, you'll have at least a few ideas for your own courses.

For example, did you know a giant stiletto - which you can create by shaking a Goomba Shoe - has the ability to perform a ground pound attack? It can even take out Thwomps and destroy Bill Blasters. There are plenty of other interesting and helpful power-up facts contained within this video, so if you want to become the ultimate course creator, make sure you watch it.

Did you learn anything new? Tell us in the comments.

[via youtu.be]