If you prefer your games on the more gentle end of the scale, you'll probably want to check out Feather, which has launched on the Switch eShop today.

Eeverything about this one is calm and peaceful, with players taking on the role of a bird flying around an island. The game's description states that you'll "lose yourself in zen-like flow" as you listen to a soothing soundtrack and swoop, glide, backflip, and roll your way around the skies with "responsive and fluid flight controls".

The game features a passive online multiplayer cross-play system which allows you to join a flock of other players, and with no enemies or combat to speak of, you'll simply be exploring the open world.

As noted above, the game is available from today. Usually, it's priced at £8.09, but a 10% discount is available until 13th April.

Do you like to calm things down with a game like this every now and then? Let us know if you'll be picking this one up with a comment.