X-Morph: Defense is just under a month away from blasting onto the Switch's digital scene, and its premise and gameplay certainly look intriguing.

Blending top-down shooter gameplay with classic tower defence, this one has players taking control of an alien race, unleashing hell upon humans and conquering the Earth for a change. You'll need to steal resources, build mazes for incoming enemies, tear down buildings, and collapse bridges to support your defence, all while utilising a range of alien weapons and defence strategies.

If you like the sound of this one so far, check out the game's official blurb:

An unidentified object crashes into the surface of Earth, in South Africa. Rapid response units are immediately sent to the scene to investigate. This might be the first contact with an alien life form, after all. Upon arrival, all the human vehicles are obliterated by the aliens. Their base expands, covering the Earth with a strange, metallic substance. Your consciousness is transferred to the very core that has just landed on Earth. The mission – harness all the energy on the planet. Protect the core. Destroy all opposition.

We also have even more info for you in the shape of a feature list:


• Dynamic system for destroying buildings. Every building in the game can be destroyed piece by piece, while realistic physics simulation makes every destruction scenario unique;
• 28 different enemy types, both ground and airborne;
• The Main Campaign offers close to twenty hours of adrenaline-powered gameplay, supported by three extensive DLCs;
• Epic duels with challenging bosses;
• 10-level Survival Mode campaign;
• Numerous types of weapons, towers and upgrades that affect the strategic depth of the game;
• Completely destructible environment and unique tower defense mechanics that create endless gameplay possibilities;
• All-star voice cast – including Michael McConnohie, Natalie Roers, Ryan Laughton and Tori Kamal;
• 13 language versions available.

X-Morph: Defense will reign down on Switch on 21st February, set to be priced at $19.99. The game launched on Steam in 2017 receiving "very positive" reviews.

Are you liking the look of this one? Will you be giving it a go when it arrives on Switch? Tell us below.