Publisher Team17 has today launched the post-apocalyptic disaster management game Sheltered on Nintendo Switch.

After a global apocalypse, you're tasked with protecting four family members living in a deserted underground shelter. You'll need to combat hunger, radiation, and mental exhaustion as you cling desperately to life in the cramped, cold, underground shelter. Of course, you'll also need to brave the dangerous wasteland outside for vital supplies, leaving the protection your new home offers to provide for your family.

The game actually launched on other platforms just a couple of years ago; the Switch version will include the base game and the 'Surrounded' and 'Stasis' additional content packs. Surrounded offers a new chunk of gameplay in which the family is forced to split up (the father goes out in search of transport, whilst the mother and son barricade themselves inside and set traps to try and protect the supplies), while Stasis has you leaving your hostile home planet behind by building and launching a rocket.

You'll find the game available from today on the Nintendo Switch eShop for £9.99 / $14.99 / €14.99. A 20% discount will be applied to purchases made during launch week.

Do you like the look of this one? Think you might give it a go? Let us know if you'll be treating yourself to the game in the comments below.