Digerati has revealed that the unnerving story-driven horror of Uncanny Valley will be creeping its way to Nintendo Switch next week.

The game sees you playing as Tom, a security guard working the night shift at an abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere. Already troubled by disturbing dreams, Tom’s reality takes a terrifying twist as he explores the eerie offices and corridors of this isolated facility - you can get a sense of the creepy goings-on in the trailer up above.

Choices you make in the game have meaningful consequences that will determine your fate; you'll need to play through multiple times to uncover all of Uncanny Valley's darkest secrets. This consequence system has lasting effects - such as a mistake resulting in a broken arm, which in turn presents problems when trying to use a weapon - so you'll want to be particularly careful as you make your way through this adventure.

Here's a list of key features for you and a nice selection of screenshots:

- A huge, creepy facility to explore
- Ominous and oppressive atmosphere
- Compelling story with rich characters
- Multiple endings to discover
- Consequences which impact story and gameplay

The game arrives on Switch on Christmas Day of all days (25th December). Pricing is set at $9.99, although early buyers will benefit from a 50% launch discount.

Will you be avoiding the friends and family this year by delving into a little horror on Switch? Perhaps this sounds like an ideal way for you to spend your day? Let us know in the comments below.