News - December, 2017

TodaySat, 16th Dec 2017

  • News First 4 Figures Reveals Stunning Shovel Knight Collectibles

    Beautiful, but not cheap

    High-quality collectible maker First 4 Figures has revealed its first statue from the Shovel Knight universe and, as always, it's rather breathtaking to behold. Available in Regular, Exclusive, and Ornate Plate Armor editions - as well as a Combo edition which gives you those second two variants in one package - this new...

  • News Pikachu Gets A Villainous Makeover With These New Secret Team Pokémon Plushies

    Because being bad doesn't mean you can't be cute

    We all know eternal Pokémon mascot Pikachu will forever remain a force for good - including when he hits the big screen with Ryan Reynolds' voice, no less - but that doesn't mean The Pokémon Company can't throw an adorable curve ball in the form of these new bad guy-themed plushies. They're part of...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review World Heroes

    Joan of Arc VS. Hulk Hogan. Round 1. Fight!

    Many, many fighting games were released on the Neo Geo and these are slowly but surely filling up the Switch’s eShop. Compared to most of the options available World Heroes and its sequels offer a simpler experience with less depth, but the series can still entertain when its varied cast of fighters...

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