Pokémon GO is proving to be quite popular in the world of smartphone gaming, and with good reason - it successfully combines location-based gaming with the thrill of hunting those iconic 'mon. However, the title hasn't become a global smash hit without having a solid foundation, and Pokémon GO owes a massive debt to fellow Augmented Reality app Ingress. Both are developed by the same studio - Niantic - and the Pokéstops and gyms you frequent in Pokémon GO are actually based on portals within Ingress.

That's not the only connection that the two games share, either. It has been discovered by Reddit user SkyriderRJM that Ingress can be used to determine the location of rare beasts in Pokémon GO.

Maps in Ingress have areas covered in white dots which denote energy hotspots, known as Exoitc Matter, or XM. It has been found that patrolling areas densely packed with XM results in a larger number of rare Pokémon encounters in Pokémon GO. The rustling of leaves in Pokémon GO can be taken as a sign that hard-to-find Pokémon are lurking nearby, but Ingress - with its constantly glowing XM points - is a much more reliable and obvious way of tracking them.

A word of warning if you decide to try this method - don't walk around with Ingress open, as you'll collect the XM and won't be able to see it until it respawns - therefore removing your guide to where the Pokémon may be hiding. The best thing to do is walk around with Pokémon GO running, stop to check Ingress and find areas dense with XM, then fire up Pokémon GO again and resume your journey.

Another catch is that if you're running Ingress and Pokémon GO at the same time - something that is pretty much a requirement for this strategy - then you can expect your phone's battery to drain incredibly quickly as both apps rely on a constant GPS connection and data transfer with servers. You might want to make sure you have some means of charging your phone's battery (such as a USB power bank) or - if you're lucky enough to own an Android phone which has a removeable power cell - a spare, fully-charged battery.

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