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These Official Wisdom Tree T-Shirts Are So Bad, They're Great

Posted by Damien McFerran

Power up with Moses

Want the perfect item of clothing to go with your shiny new copy of Super Noah's Ark 3D? Then head over to Stone Age Gamer and order yourself one of these official Wisdom Tree T-Shirts, each featuring a title from the infamous religious game-maker's library.

Super Noah's Ark 3D — arguably the most well-known Wisdom Tree title and little more than a re-skinned version of Wolfenstein 3D — is one of the four designs on offer, and Stone Age Gamer is even giving you the chance to purchase all four shirts with a $10 discount. The standard price is $18.99 a pop, in case you were wondering.

The other shirts feature Bible Buffet (released on the NES in 1993) and Sunday Funday (another NES title from 1995 which is actually based on a game called Menace Beach from 1990 which was renowned for featuring scantly-clad ladies). The final shirt features Moses clutching a NES controller and is a replication of an actual promotional shirt released by Wisdom Tree back in the day.

In case you didn't know, Wisdom Tree was a publisher who released unlicensed games with a Christian theme back in the days of the NES and SNES, and the generally terrible nature of these titles has resulted in them becoming cult classics over the years — hence the downright awesomeness of these shirts.


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KodyDawg said:

That Noah with the NES controller looks pretty neat! I may have to pick it up!

I only wish that one day, someone could make at least a fairly decent Christian-themed game. How about an action-adventure telling some stories of the Bible? Epic battles through the story of David and Goliath, sneaky stealth missions as Peter when Jesus is about to get crucified, carefully platforming around the lions as Daniel in the lions' den, and more! Man, the more I think about this, the more I actually want it.



Damo said:

@KodyDawg Be careful what you wish for, you'll only end up with something like that recent Noah movie!



hypercoyote said:

@KodyDawg Yea, I've said the same thing. I think the dangerous part is filling in the spots where the Bible is silent. I think the human mind is so curious, that people who play those games will take the 'fillers' as being reality. For instance, the Bible only speaks a little on angels, but look how much lore there is that people have created around them, most of it originating from people's extrapolations on the Bible.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Yeah I'd love to play some christian 3ds games. The last christian game I saw released on Nintendo DS selling on amazon was:
Noah's Ark - DS

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



sketchturner said:

Darn, if they had one for Spiritual Warfare I'd actually buy it. That game is surprisingly awesome.



Yorumi said:

@KodyDawg I more wish a few developers would appear who had a christian worldview. They don't need to specifically take bible history and put it in game format. If you think of things like Narnia, or Lord of the Rings which are allegorical stories, or even the author Francine Rivers with her historical fiction that is written with a christian worldview. Sadly all we get is wisdom tree and their violations of God's law.

So considering the quality of their games does that mean these shirts were ripped off of other shirts and they'll only last through 2 washes before falling apart?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@sketchturner: I'm with you there. I also like the Bible Buffet one,'s pretty tempting.

For those who are not aware, a new 20th anniversary version of Super Noah's Ark 3D is actually on Steam Greenlight right now. It's quite interesting to see Wisdom Tree coming back into the public eye, especially as a legit fan of some of their work.



KodyDawg said:

@hypercoyote You have some great points there. Sigh

@Yorumi Also a good point. I should start keeping an eye out for more games like that.

Well, guys, at least Wisdom Tree's games aren't as bad as the one that Caddicarus recently reviewed. I'm pretty sure he's not Christian, but even he pointed out some biblical things that Animal Race (Yes, another Noah-themed game) did wrong.



aj_fowl said:

@sketchturner I played that one. My first gaming experience was on a PC. Two of the five games we had were Wisdom Tree games, but the good ones. Spiritual Warfare was my first action adventure game and my gateway into Zelda. I know, it's backwards. The other was Joshua, a challenging and surprisingly good action puzzle game.



DeltaPeng said:

Lol on the Super Noah's Ark 3D shirt

In terms of gameplay, I thought the Noah's ark game by Wisdom tree was pretty good. Technically, God brought the animals to the ark so there'd be no need for Noah to get them, but the gameplay idea and game goal is much better with Noah collecting the animals.

I agree that there could / should be more Christian-themed games out there, even if they aren't blatantly Christian or exactly as stated in the Bible. Having more games that try to creatively teach good morals would be helpful. I think there's room for creative expression as long as it doesn't cross specific boundaries, like misinterpreting some core Christian doctrines (if you intend to be a 'Christian' game).



Prizm said:

@KodyDawg "That Noah with the NES controller looks pretty neat!"
That's Moses, not Noah! Don't you know your bible mythology?



KodyDawg said:

@Prizm Oh, gosh. Oops. It's something I've been doing ever since I was a kid. I always mix up Noah and Moses, and David and Daniel. I don't know why I still do it! DX

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