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Disney Magical World Arrives With a Day One Patch on 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The most magical update on Earth?

3DS title Disney Magical World arrives in North America today, and like many retail releases landed on the eShop at midnight to accommodate eager day-one buyers. One of those keen gamers is @kitroplious, who downloaded the title and stumbled across a day one update.

As you can see in the image this is designed to add further information and messages to help players, coming in at a relatively meaty 520 blocks.

Are you planning to pick this up today? If so, clear a little space on your SD card.


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GeminiSaint said:

That's a pretty big patch for just adding some extra text to the game. Pokemon X/Y's patch is much smaller than that. Huh.



AshFoxX said:

AT least it wasn't 420 blocks, or I'd be a little concerned as to Disney's taste in humor.

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