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Whilom: Sins Will Battle Onto Wii U if Kickstarter Stretch Goal is Reached

Posted by Andy Green

The project needs $80,000 to make it

Dreamken Studios is currently developing a 2D RPG called Whilom: Sins and in order to get the project off the ground it has set up a Kickstarter campaign.

The game, which is described as a hybrid between fighting games like Streets of Rage and adventure titles such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, will be released on PC and Mac should it acquire the $25,000 the developer is asking for. However, additional stretch goals have already been added and if $80,000 is obtained Whilom: Sins will make it to Wii U, as well as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Set in a seemingly post-apocalyptic environment, Whilom: Sins sees you take control of Ceon, a government agent sent who's been sent on a mission to locate and dispose of the remnants of a secret order that has been conducting human experiments.

The bulk of the gameplay takes on the style of a brawler, where you travel from left to right fighting foes along the way. However, this is an RPG too and battling enemies allows you to build up experience, which can be spent on leveling up individual elements of your character.

The Wii U version would release in the eShop at some point in 2014 if it gets funded.

Is this a title that has you interested? Check out the prototype video below and let us know what you think to it in the comment section.

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User Comments (18)



Kewlan said:

This trailer makes me instantly NOT want to get it. Did they try to hypnotize me into thinking it was interesting? It also looked slow and boring, and we didn't really see any gameplay, but I guess that'll come later?



DefHalan said:

The game looks rough but if they clean it up a lot I would be interested, just think they rushed it to the public a little early



Captain_Toad said:

Kickstarter rule #1
Make sure that your game is ready for showcase and looks good. Especially if your game is a hack and slash game.



dreamken said:

You guys are correct it is currently slow and boring for the overall vision should be. That's the double edge sword of independent development, you only have so many resources to work with.



dreamken said:

@mariobro4 That's not true at all, as many projects have gotten funded without even showcasing demos, let alone full focused trailers. We'll continue working on the project and moving over to Unity to handle some key issues that have arisen with development on the current engine.



Pierceton said:

I think they are kind of over animating this or as you guys said it just need to be running faster.



LeVideoGamer said:

Everyone has skeletons? Interesting.

It needs to run faster, but the animations will obviously improve with time, so it may turn out good. The 'interesting' thing doesn't seem necessary, though.



dreamken said:

@LeVideoGamer It's an "action blurp" during chaining combos in the game, it comes across the screen similar to a comic book panel. There are a number of different words. More than likely there will be a toggle for this to be turned off for people who aren't interested in that effect.



dreamken said:

@XCWarrior This amount has been adjusted along with our goals for the final time. Hopefully things are more reasonable to people.



HeatBombastic said:

Hmm, I think this game will turn out good in the end, but maybe they should try polishing up a new trailer as fast as possible? The early build is very early.

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