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Details of Nintendo's GDC Europe Sessions Are Confirmed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's all about Unity, HTML and Javascript on Wii U

Just recently we reported that Nintendo is not only attending GDC (Game Developers Conference) Europe for the first time in Cologne, but that it's hosting two special sessions, though details weren't confirmed on what those sessions would cover.

Both have now been confirmed, and are targeted at encouraging developers to consider the various tools and options for bringing games to the Wii U. First up on 19th August is "Nintendo Wii U Application Development with HTML and JavaScript"; Nintendo of Europe's Svyetoslav Pidgornyy and Martin Buchholz "will introduce a new way of rapidly developing Wii U applications that takes full advantage of unique Wii U features while reducing development times significantly." Next up on 20th August is "Unity, Wii U and You", in which Nintendo of Europe's James Steele and Wayne Johnson from Unity Technologies will "present everything from technical advantages of using Unity to develop your Wii U titles, to the process of getting your title published on the Wii U".

Both of these sessions seem to be pushing the right messages, especially in light of a pre-GDC poll that found Nintendo systems lagging behind rivals in terms of European development support, with 300 studios surveyed. With smaller projects and download titles being increasingly vital in the current industry, converting GDC attendees to the Wii U cause would be welcome progress; the event takes place between 19th-21st August.


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WiiLovePeace said:

I wish Nintendo the best of luck in their attempts to get developers on to the Wii U, I really hope it works. It's just such a fun system



shingi_70 said:

Those are probably the two best sessions you can have at a indie focused event. I'm surprised there isn't a third on the Nintendo Web Framework probably covered in HTML and Javascript) or advertising your games through miiverse.



Akira_1975 said:

Making development tools as accessible and intuitive as possible is a step in the right direction. Looking forwards to seeing how this all pans out.



Jukilum said:

@LavaTwilight GDC talks aren't generally live streamed. A while after the event many of the talks are available on Some are free but you have to pay for most of them.

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