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Super Ubi Land Kickstarter Has Ended, Target Goal Surpassed

Posted by Orla Madden

Super news!

2D platformer Super Ubi Land's Kickstarter campaign has ended, with Notion Games' project reaching $6,333, surpassing its $5,000 target.

Maestro Interactive Games - the team behind upcoming Wii U eShop titles Fade Into Darkness and Cosmic Highway - is helping to bring Super Ubi Land to Nintendo's online store, and said through its Twitter page that the game would arrive onto the eShop this Spring.

Notion Games also mentioned that it'd like to see Super Ubi Land on the 3DS, so who knows what could happen.

Is this a game you're planning to purchase when it's released? Let us know in the comments section below.


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AMR said:

Hi Orla, I've been following this game for a while now so I thought I'd just give you a heads up that some things in this post are incorrect. Maestro Interactives date of a Spring release for SUL is incorrect the game will take much longer (releasing after PC versions). Also with Nintendo's recent HTML compatibility Notion Games may actually be able to port the game themselves. As someone who can't get enough of 2D platformers I cannot wait for this & Shovel Knight (both of which I backed) WiiU X indies, get hyped!



cornishlee said:

So they got funding today and they'll be releasing it within the next two months? Either something's wrong with this article or, I guess, the funding was only for publication and not development.



DrKarl said:

I have Kickstarter fatigue. It it makes it to a Nintendo platform, and gets good to great reviews, I will check it out.



Dpullam said:

Since it has officially reached its kickstarter goal I just have to wait for the review to see if it turns out to be worth getting.



siavm said:

$6000 does not seem like enough to make even a game like this.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Yes! I plan to get Super Ubi Land on the first day it comes out! I've been waiting for this game! It looks so cool!

Also.... 9th comment!

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