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Rumour: Splinter Cell: Blacklist Sneaking Onto Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The pre-E3 rumour returns, courtesy of GameStop

Just before L.A.'s E3 extravaganza this year, rumours emerged that Splinter Cell: Blacklist was coming to Wii U, yet Ubisoft's press conference passed without any mention of the multi-platform release arriving on Nintendo's new system. Whether fans would have been particularly disappointed depends on what they made of the action-intensive footage that was shown, where Sam Fisher was being about as sneaky as an elephant in a crowded room.

With this release due to arrive on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in Spring 2013, rumours of a Wii U version have re-emerged courtesy of GameStop in Ireland, which is showing it amongst a number of confirmed titles on its Wii U pre-order shelves. This could be inaccurate, retailers do occasionally produce mock-ups of unconfirmed releases, but in light of Ubisoft's support for the system and the fact that it's still some months away, this rumour may just be right.

Ubisoft has declined to comment when asked by, which could either be stalling ahead of official confirmation or simply a choice not to respond to rumours. Either way, is this a title that you'd like to see on Wii U?


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cdude said:

I'm an old school sc fan thats replayed everyone of them multiple times...i'm happy for this, i guess. I just dont care for the direction the series has headed lately and have looked forward to abandoning my xbox.

So, my official opinion is 'cool, but meh.'



Kyloctopus said:

Well, this isn't the only site to show up this.
For a while Best Buy's website had the game on there.



AyeHaley said:

I have the same but with Borderlands...If somehow Borderlands 2 would be released on Wii U I finally have reason to abandon my Xbox. On topic: I would like to have blacklist on my Wii U.



Shanksta said:

@Gamesake I wish they would as well. But I remember reading that they are using motion capture for this game and Ironside would apparently be too old to do some of the stunts that were required for Fisher's moves. Its understandable but stupid, Fisher now seems like he's younger than Double Agent and Conviction based on just the voice actor alone not to mention his new look.



Shanksta said:

@MattL You didnt miss much. Conviction was the only one and while I liked it, it was very different from the others and was more of a "if you kill fast enough that's just as good as stealth" game. It was also an Xbox exclusive

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