New E.X. Troopers Promo Video Sets The Mood

Release date and limited edition confirmed for Japan

It's been getting teased for a number of months, but Capcom has finally confirmed a Japanese release date for upcoming 3DS Lost Planet spin-off E.X. Troopers: it'll hit stores on 22nd November and the standard version will cost ¥5,990 — just under £50 and a little over $75.

Capcom has also listed a limited edition, which will feature a figurine of the Tikki character and an accompanying stand, as well as two rubber straps — we assume that means rubber wrist straps. Adding these extras to the game takes the price up to ¥9,990, which takes the total to just over £80/$125.

This title is also being released on PS3, but so far there hasn't been any hint of a Western release. While we wonder whether that day will ever come, check out the latest promotional video below.

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