Earlier in the week we posted about an upcoming 24-hour game-a-thon being taken on by gaming research company FanCensus to raise money for Game Aid. Well, it kicks off today, so consider this a reminder.

A number of Nintendo titles, both old and new, are included in the schedule along with games from other consoles, each being played for one hour. You'll be able to view the feat via the live coverage online, and you can even target your favourite games by checking out the event schedule. It all kicks off at 6pm UK time, with Big Brain Academy and Mario Party 9 being first up.

We'll be tuning in to check out some gaming action on big N consoles both old and new, and may even unwittingly see some games from those so-called 'HD' consoles. If you do enjoy what the folks at FanCensus are doing, don't forget to consider their Just Giving page.