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Wii Balance Board Enters Record Books

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii European sales also announced

Nintendo have confirmed that the Wii Balance Board has officially achieved a Guinness World Record for the 'best-selling personal weighing device'. The record was initially broken back in November 2010 when just over 32 million units had been sold worldwide as part of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus bundles, though this was only announced today. Since the record was claimed the number of Balance Boards sold has increased to just shy of 42 million, an impressive figure.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director of Marketing & PR of Nintendo of Europe, had this to say:

The launch of Wii Fit with the Wii Balance Board revolutionised the way people got active at home, making it fun and easy to exercise in the comfort of their own living room. As the Guinness World Record shows, sales of both Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have remained healthy since the day they first went on sale and, with Wii now having sold over 30 million units across Europe, Nintendo hopes this trend will remain strong.

The last line is also positive for Nintendo, with 30 million Wii console sales in Europe adding to the good news that the number sold in the United States is approaching 40 million.

Do you still use Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus to shed those festive Holiday pounds?

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Lan said:

I hate Guinness World Records. They can make anything be a record-holder if they specify enough. I could be the strongest man on earth...who's also named Dylan, is currently on a Dell laptop, was born in Kansas City, and is wearing awesome Mario pajamas and listening to Papa Roach through Skull Candies.



PokePlato said:

I agree, although some of their records are interesting. Also, im taking your Music and headphones.



rwq said:

I am the first commenter in the world on this thread using the word "obdiplostemonous". Also i wish i could find the time to use my balance board more. It's cool enough to win a real award.



stromboli said:

The Balance Board is a brilliant device, and Nintendo should release a new edition of Wii Fit for the Wii U. This device has no parallel in the other consoles. It's actually surprising that they haven't copied this one lol. And the few games (non fit) that make use of it, make good use of it, and it's fun. Wish there were more.




No pap, I used the balance board at the very least 2 or 3 times a week, bar the odd month of illness, since I bought wii fit on launch day. Its still going dtrong. Ninty good at making durable hardware and peripherals generally speaking.



Cengoku said:

Congrats but they forgot about another record: the years going without any change in the club nintendo.



ennan said:

The balance board is one thing that never appealed to me. Maybe it's cuz of my quite frankly amazingly sleek, Ninja like frame or maybe it's cuz when I'm at home I just want to be lazy and sit on my lovely, perfectly formed ass and eat chips!



Swiket said:

Hopefully this will encourage Nintendo to introduce "My Body is Regii", a Reggie exercise simulator for 2012.

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