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Photos of Shigeru Miyamoto Sat in a Real Life Mario Kart

Posted by James Newton

No words required

It's been more like Shigeru Miyamoto Life around these parts this week, with Nintendo's legendary designer hitting the headlines for his apparent — though later rescinded — announcement of his retirement. He's still a fun lovin' kind of guy though, as these photos of him sat in a real-life Mario Kart prove.

Miyamoto was in Canoga, California's Westfield Topanga mall — judging by the photos he may have been the only one — as he was in town for the Spike Video Game Awards.

Enjoy these photos of Miyamoto in a Mario Kart and anticipate future memes arising from this very moment.

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jpfan1989 said:

I hope He got to take it for a spin seeing as they are real working go carts.



NintyMan said:

That kart looks ridiculously big for him! Too bad it didn't have a built-in glider, but that looks very cool.



bubby444 said:

is it just me or does the karts seem a little biger then what they would look in the game



Chris720 said:

I'm guessing the designers needed to make it bigger to house the engine and what not. Think of a bike but with 2 extra wheels I suppose. :3



wwww said:

No matter how many times I read "Photos of Shigeru Miyamoto Sat in a Real Life Mario Kart" all I can imagine is that someone took a photo of Miyamoto and then placed it into a kart, though clearly these are photos of Shigeru Miyamoto sitting in a kart. Surely there was a better way to word that!

By the way, I think the karts are oversized so that someone in a Mario mascot costume (which has a huge head) would look proportional sitting in them. Just sayin'.

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