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Moon Diver Creator has a Much Better Idea for a 3DS Game

Posted by James Newton

Under wraps so far

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade title Moon Diver marks the return of Strider creator Kouichi Yotsui, but it won't be making the leap to Wii or 3DS any time soon, according to the creator. Why not? He has a much better idea up his sleeve.

Cubed3 recently quizzed the creator on his non-Nintendo game, and asked about the possibility of a 3DS version in future:

I think the Nintendo 3DS is wonderful. I am very interested in it! However, Moon Diver is not the right sort of game for 3DS. I actually already have a far better game idea for 3DS.

It's unlikely to be Strider 3D as Capcom owns the rights to the game, but a game of the same quality would go down very nicely. Our sister site Mean Machines Archive has a Moon Diver review if you're interested in Yotsui's most recent efforts.


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motang said:

hmm...would like to see what he has in store, Stryder is awesome, and was sad to find out he wasn't in MvC 3.



Azikira said:

Well, im glad it will be better but... Thats not much to say seeing as Moon Diver was the epitome of generic anime. In fact, my friends & I call it
"ANIME: The Game"



SwerdMurd said:

moon diver does look kinda awesome...I'll be keeping my eye out for this game for sure.



JamieO said:

This is a quality bit of news, it was a nice find James, cheers for sharing it. Although Kouichi Yotsui does not reveal much it is enough for me to hear that he thinks that 3DS is "wonderful" and that he is interested in developing for it with a "far better game idea."

@motang I agree fully, the word "awesome" is completely accurate to describe both Mega Drive and Arcade Strider.

Alongside feelplus, Yotsui did a great job on Moon Diver, so I look forward to his future games as a 'Planner', his work suited Square Enix's style well. I especially hope that his next game makes use of parallax scrolling overlapping in a 2D/ 2.5D graphical style, but with layers of depth on the 3D screen.

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