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Europe Awakes to a Golden Sun on December 10th

Posted by James Newton

Dark Dawn dated

We had our fears that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn would land in 2011, but Nintendo's latest release schedule pins the game down for launch on Friday December 10th.

If you want to catch up on our coverage in anticipation of what's sure to be one of DS's finest RPGs of the year, you can read our First Impressions and check out some Golden Sun: Dark Dawn videos to boot.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn reaches North America on November 29th and Europe on December 10th.

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Corbs said:

Good to see that European gamers won't have to wait too long after the NA release.



CanisWolfred said:

Speaking of which, I should flip a coin someday and see if I'll ever play the original Golden Sun again. Because right now I'm saying that if Dark Dawn is anything like the original, I'm not even gonna care.



Rensch said:

I haven't completed the first one yet and I want to play the second one, too before I ever get to this.



TingLz said:

@2: Are you expecting this game to be totally different? You will be disappointed



Objection said:

It's probably gonna play pretty similar. Shame you didnt care for it, Mickeymac. It has soem of the flaws of the genre (too many battles) but it's also a lot more fun and creative in its battle and magic systems than most RPGs.



RyuZebian said:

WICKED. I can't wait to dust of my DSi! x) Well, technically I use it everyday for an alarm clock, but you know what I mean. Great to see it being released for Christmas, I wouldn't get it anyway... I'm gonna wish for it! Just like I wished upon a star for Lost Age to have a sequel! And since that wish went true, why wouldn't I get it for Christmas?



CanisWolfred said:

I just meant if it was gonna revamp the gameplay or not. The battles were too standard for my tastes, and they all seemed too easy, too. I should certainly hope that by now they'd improve upon it, and I'm curious to see what they add and what they take away. However, not all games really change much over time, and Camalot especially has trouble letting go of old mechanics (I swear, if I see that menu they've had since Shining in the Darkness, I'm gonna scream!X( ). I also didn't like the story in the first game, particularly annoying since it felt like the main point of the game, but that was back in, what, 2002? Surely that won't reflect at all in this one.



GamerZack87 said:

And yet we Aussies need to wait until New Year's much for us being owned by NOE...

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